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A Speech

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Joined: Mar 2012

Well you know you have arrived at a pinnacle point when you are asked to give a speech to cancer survivors that just finished treatment and their wellness program.


I finished this program myself almost a year ago and was so honored.


I spoke to this group of great people last week.  It was an honor.  I was so glad I could impart some wisdom and even some laughs, yes some things are funny. IE; if you have neuropathy in your feet........., do not wear those lovely high heels......"tip-over girl".


I really had their attention and I was happy to give back.  I told the people in charge I would do this again any time.


I saw myself in these faces.  Although the group was comprised of many cancer types, we all had one thing in common - as I pointed out to them - you are alive!


My biggest win was a member of the audience came to me after I spoke and said based on my story, she was going to have a colonoscopy.  Wow - that was great.


In my "working life" I gave many a speech/meeting (Zzzzzzzz) but never have I felt so much appreciation, joy, strength and love then from this group.


Just thought I'd share

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What a wonderful opportunity for you to share your experiences. I'm sure you have touched lives, and maybe saved a life or two. 

I think we all have the responsibility of passing on our knowledge and experiences, in whatever way we can.  

I hope this is one of many chances for you to pay it forward.


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It is very telling that you were asked to give that speech. 

Thank you for sharing your story with them.

While one came forward to speak to you, you will never know the total ramification of your sharing.  It could be that someone tells a friend or loved one.  It could be that they will be more mindful of sharing their own experiences.

You did good!

Marie who loves kitties


Cathleen Mary
Posts: 827
Joined: May 2011


Good for you!  And, thank you for speaking out and sharing your experience. Something happens in the telling....   People find courage to be screened or feel less alone or simply grateful for their own health. Whatever...you touch lives.

Cathleen Mary

marbleotis's picture
Posts: 715
Joined: Mar 2012

This ranks as one of the neatest things I've done and it will not be the last!

thxmiker's picture
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Thanks for sharing here also!


It is nice that we can share our ups and downs with each other.  It made me not feel alone, or like I was in a dark place where none of my friends or family understood.  The fears and anxieties of cancer are huge, and to big to concour alone.


Best Always,  mike

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Joined: Nov 2011

Thanks for sharing about your speech.  Now that you know you have touched one person... let's find out who you can speak to next!?!

I have had your same feelings... and I keep looking for the next opportunity to share, educate and push others to watch out for cancer, and also to help others deal with cancer or help other know how to treat you and future cancer fighters.

Ask the cancer center that you currently go to, if there is a Foundation or Fund Raiser event coming up... then ask them if you can share your story and help people understand why their support to this foundation is helping others. And, as you share your story and touch their lives... you will continue to touch others, inspire others and as you help others you will feel much more satisfaction with your life and with this battle than you have ever felt from a great presentation at work or any other thing you've done in business or otherwise.

You've touched just the edge of the goodness that you are about to create.

Keep sharing. Keep presenting. Keep educating others. and... get them to cry, laugh and think.

that's a good speech.



check here for many others: http://www.ted.com/


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