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I won't call it an early Christmas present...but close

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I think I mentioned that the doctor wanted PET and CT scans after my second round of R-DHAC for DLBCL.  This is after R-CHOP failed to make an improvement.  The plan was to have the scans this week and then meet with the doctor on Monday for the results.  The doctor's PA just called because they have the PET results and figured they would tell me now:

"While there is still some small cancer activity, you are much further along than we thought.  So one more R-DHAC then into stem cell transplant."

I think you can all imagine what a relief that was to hear...because during treatments...you just can't trust your body.  I expected to hear that I'd need a fourth round before SCT or even that it wasn't really working and we need a Plan C.

Looks like all those prayers and positive thoughts everyone is giving...is paying off!

I plan to live forever!  So far; so good!



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Ho Ho Ho, Karl! :).  Positive news is always good!  Thanks so much for sharing and I'm happy for you.

Hugs - Jim

Mary N.
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So glad to hear your good news.  Continue on with the positive outlook - it helps us!


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Happy to hear you received good news.


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Another day maker for all of us.  Hoping you will sail Wink through the SCT.

Bill & Becky

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Hi Karl,

 Great news! Sounds like your making steady progress. Thanks so much for sharing your good news. Keep us posted with your SCT schedule.

Best wishes, Sue   (FNHL-2-3a-6/10-age 62)

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Great to hear good news!!!

Max Former Hodg...
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Dang ! J.C. Penney hasn't decorated yet !

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Say what?

Max Former Hodg...
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Must be an EXTREMELY early Christmas present if the malls are not playing Jingle Bells yet !  They start around the 4th of July now....

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Well...the Wal-marts are decorated...what does that tell ya?

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I am so happy to hear that your new treatment plan is working so well and that everything is on the fast track. This is fantastic news! I will continue my prayers for you and your health care team.




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That is terrific news Karl!!! So happy for you!

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