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Getting Married On the 15th!

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2 and a half years ago I met a young woman in Santa Monica. I was wounded from a bad marriage and a bitter divorce and afraid of commitment. Over time we grew closer together, appreciated each other's values and qualities that are about the fundamentals: love, keep yourself attractive by always looking good, do admirable things for each other and others. We have been living together for a while, created a beautiful home and great careers. 

We both came from messed up families, but unlike a lot of people who tend to repeat their parents mistakes, we committed to build a loving relationship even though we couldn't be more different: she is black I'm white, quite an age difference, she is an American city girl, I'm an Easter European village boy, she is an executive for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and I'm a dentist. 

We both love to cook ( I'm better, she says she is), gardening, music. I love the way she dresses and the way she moves, her voice. I stil can't take my eyes off her, she is convinced I'm crazy. She loves my family, because she hasn't got one.

The hardest days off my life were after my diagnosis and before I talked to her. She showed me that I can count on her in everything and she will be strong for both of us and things will be all right. And all this I have no doubt about.

It's gonna be a small ceremony: in our backyard under a tent that I'll build and decorate. Only 12 people. Menu: Hungarian chicken soup with home made pasta, salmon with steamed veggies and saffron rise, orange chocolate cake (whatever that is), toaste with 1993 Tokaji Asszu dessert wine that I have been saving for a special day for 20 years and now I've got it.

Our song goes like this: "This may not be the right time, I may not be the right one, but there is something about us..." by Daft Punk: Something about us. Please look it up on Youtube, it's good.



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Dear Laz,

Congratulations to you and your wife to be! I wish you both much happiness and love.

I'm so happy to hear good news.


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Congrats!  I'm so happy for you.

Cathleen Mary
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I wish you much happiness and many years to enjoy!!!

Cathleen Mary

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Miss Cindy L
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So happy to see you in love and loving life!! You give us all hope that in the midst of some so awful we can find beauty and love in one another!! You deserve lifetime happiness Laz!

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Nana b
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Congrats!   Make it happen.... ;)

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That's a great song. I like Get Lucky, as well.  (although not for a wedding).  Wishing you a long and happy life together.  Congratulations.



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Congrats!!! I wish you a long, happy life together! God bless!


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That is awesome and I'm glad that you have found someone.  Wishing you the best while you journey through your treatment and a new marriage.  Glad you have found love after divorce.  My new/old husband has been a blessing to me :)


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Congrats Laz!  I'm very happy for you and your bride to be.  (And don't forget to save me a piece of that orange chocolate cake!). ;)

Best wishes,


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You are so fortunate to finding each other.  You will support andbe there for each other.  That is so important during this crazy cancer roller coaster ride. I pray for years and years of happy marriage. Jeff

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So happy for you and hope you are recovered from that mega dose of chemo so you can eat that salmon & lots of cake.

Be sure and post your wedding picture.  You just need to use that green little icon @the top and it will ask you to attach or something like that.

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So happy for you and hope you are recovered from that mega dose of chemo so you can eat that salmon & lots of cake.

Be sure and post your wedding picture.  You just need to use that green little icon @the top and it will ask you to attach or something like that.

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Congratulations!!!!  That is such a wonderful, sweet story! 

Best wishes for a LONG lifetime of happiness-


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Thanks for sharing your love story, it sounds fantastic.  I'm glad you have a woman in your life during this difficult time.  Congratulations!!

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Wishing you a beautiful day and many happy years!

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Congratulations !!I think marriage is the best for us all.  Good Luck !

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It is a wonderful feeling to be loved and understood by another. I hope the years to come are filled with love and joy.

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even when facing huge challenges.  Congratulations!  AA

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love, trying hard to keep looking good to each other (this may seem superficial, but denying this would also deny our humanity), doing admirable things for each other and for others ... you've got your fundamentals right, and congratulations on finding each other! i wish you both a long life full of life together!

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I wish you both a long and happy life togeather , ron.

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laz  to you and the love of your life.

many happy years together!!!

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Just beautiful.  What a lovely post.

Lots of love on that special day. 

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And keep on living! From a fellow eastern european and second marriage going on 26 years.

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Such happy news!!  Congratulations!


Bee bee
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So happy to hear the news and it's so important to have supportive loving family around us. 

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That is fabulous!!




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Congratulations. I woule like to say two things.

1-You have a great women to stand by you and commit to you despite your current condition. You would be surprised at ho many spouses have been scared off by cancer

2-You moving forward with your life and planning for the future is awesome. I think it is very important to live your life as you would berfore diagnosis.

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What a beautiful story indeed!!  Very nice!!  So true we all need love and acceptance, especially at times like this!!

Your both so lucky to have found each other!

Wishing you both a beautiful day filled with love, laughter and warm memories!! 

Simple is the best in my book! Wink



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Congratulations Laz!


Being married is a big commitment and step in life!  It is nice sharing a life, values, and a future with someone.

Best Always,  mike

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So happy for you both. Prayers for contined happiness.


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Getting ready for Sunday. I'm building a beautiful tent with lanterns for 12 people, bought the veggies for the Hungarian chicken soup, ordering the salmon tomorrow, the bride is getting the gown fitted and the hair done. 

Ill think about all of you, because I know you will be with me on that special day.


I wrote this poem and like to share it with you.


Man and woman, light and dark brown, older and young, small village boy and large city girl:

No much common between me and you.

Your beauty, your touch, your voice, your smell,

your kiss never gets old, it's always new.
The years of our lives is counted,
For some are many for some only a few,
I would gladly take one day of your love, 
Than living loveless decades without you.
I no longer believe in fairness, But I know we will make it through,
As long as our love remains strong and undoubtedly true.
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What beautiful words.  Your marriage is bound to be filled with happiness. 


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Here's to a long life of happiness!!!


Cathleen Mary
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  Cathleen Mary



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I hope you and your bride have the most perfect day. 

Thinking of you.

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Winter Marie

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Wishing you a happy marriage!

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Congrats to you and your new bride!! Wishing you many years of love and happiness!

My best to you both! Cool

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