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Hey Joe (joemetz)!

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Joe, as you know with cancer the worst thing is uncertainty. We haven't heard from you for a while.

Please check in. Hope things are all right.


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i'm still hear... just haven't been on CSN as much lately. After nearly 2 years of this stuff, it seems like the questions and posts all run together and looks the same, just the names are changing which saddens me.

i had six months of cancer growth and progression from Dec 2012 to May 2013. Yet had a Y90 treatment in there, that didn't work for me at all. Then, once i was able to restart chemo in June, we went to folfuri plus avastin.

after three months of those treatments, i am glad to report that the cancer has moved to NPD... No Progression of Disease.  this is actullly really good news as it is no longer spreading to my bones (i have 10 bone mets of colon cancer that was running from my liver to various sites in my bones) frustrating to learn that stuff....

but the folfuri is and has kicked my ***.  

having troubles sleeping now and having troubles with my mind and emotions.  Doesn't help to have to drop off my two oldest sons to college and my high school senior and my 7th grade daughter are now "into the school thing" and summer is over. We had such a wonderful time together. my four kids and my wife and I... it sucks that they had to watch me go through all this treatment the past three months along with a 7 day hospital stay after becoming totally dehydrated and unable to swallow a thing due to the trush in my throat caused by 5fu.

anyway, i am around here.. i lurk around and read several posts... i just haven't commented as much lately.


thanks for checking in.



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Glad you're NPD and seeing the positive in that.  I understand the need to step away from the board at times.  I've done the same.  Hope your treatment continues to help you stay NPD.

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You are too quiet again. You just have to realize that you are being missed my friend.


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it is good to hear from you! I too have been wondering how you are. Sometimes i go a long while & not post bc i just run out of steam!!! I am so glad to hear there is npd. Stay strong!



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