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thanks to renw for the blog

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let me say this. my thanks go not only to renw, but to everyone on this forum. your entries here, together with all the tears, laughs, aches, and joys they induce, always make me aware of that magical feeling called love. there is so much love here. 

but i want to say a special personal thank you to renw. i've started reading your blog recently, and its sober, clear, informative content has been simply empowering. i don't know what else to say at this point, except, you are kind of an awesome dude.

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Even though I am not currently dealing with cancer, I do enjoy Ren's blog.  Perhaps enjoy is not the proper word. I appreciate it.  Very well written.  I do enjoy the humor and the attention to detail.  It's clear, concise and at times downright entertaining. 


I am really rooting for you Ren.  Congratulations on the progress you've made.  It has not come easily to you. Clearly you've been through hell.  I think we all understand from the tone of your CSN posts that you are here for the purpose of sharing information more so than emotional or moral support.  However, when  I read your blog, I often think about your wife.  Please tell her that there are many caregivers here at CSN that understand what she is going through.  This can't be easy on her either.   Thank you for sharing all that you've learned.  You really are making your mark.  Your documentation of your experiences could very well help many others in the years to come.

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His story is very inspiring and touching, with a hint of humor... what a remarkable person!

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Wow thanks. That was unexpected. And yes, sharing anything that I may stumble upon that may help others is the reason for the blog and the main reason I am here.

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Thank you SOOOO much for your research and postings about your treatments.  I do not have CRC, but have adenocarcinoma subtype as well, so follow your blog with great interest.    The information you've shared so far has given me a great deal of insight.

I worry when you don't post for a while, so keep us posted :).  Best of luck to you and your lovely family.


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I really appreciate folks like Ren who take the time to share information, even when having to go through challenging treatments.  As far as I know, there aren't many people out there doing what he's doing in the world of alt therapies.  I think it's important to get information out into the world about all different kinds of treatments.  So thanks, Ren!

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Thanks for sharing your info and really hoping you find something that works to make sure your kids have their daddy around!

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