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tongue cancer - what the ent said - see new post below

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i know there r several people here who have/had tongue cancer and i need u 2 share your knowledge.  i have a bump on the left side of my tongue.  i've just been thinking it has probably been rubbing against my teeth and became arritated.  but then this evening out of the clear blue, the thot of possible tongue cancer popped in my mind.  if it touches my teeth it hurts.  not a bad pain, more like a toothache.  just enuf 2 let u know its there.  i know once we've had cancer we tend 2 let our minds run away with us when we find/feel a bump and i'm trying hard to keep my thots focused and rational.  i guess me question is, did ur tongue hurt w/the cancer?  i always heard cancer doesn't hurt.  thanks in advance for any info.


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Hi dJ ,

I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer,squamous cell in July 2011 , all treatment completed Dec 2011...in Feb 2012 I found a small white spot on the left side of my tongue ,at  3 month onco & rad appts and  6 week ENT  appt I would ask could it be cancer..yes your right we let our minds run wild. Each doc said no,my ENT said oh it could be thrush...gave me magic mouth wash, when that didn't help , he said canker or infection ,so antibiotics..never had any pain. This went on until may when he said you know if it's not gone by June when i see you again I'll biopsy... Biopsy done ,I get a call that it is scc ...after my initial shock I asked how...as I had already had 3 clean PET scans,he tells me that it was so small the PET would have never picked it up. He then scheduled me for surgery,he removed a small section of tongue, all margins came back clean , no need for  further treatment.  My rad doc said it was a new site and not associated with the orig tonsil. Long story short be proactive,it's your health, I feel that had I not pestered each doc at each visit it may have been totally missed. Call your doc, make an appointment....just to make sure , and give you peace of mind.



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for peace of mind, call and get an appointment with your ENT.  It probably is from rubbing on your teeth, but damn I know I'd be freaked out....and be hop, skipping, and jumping for someone to see it....just to relieve my head. 

Call tomorrow!! 


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Yes, call your ENT just to be sure. I had tongue cancer twice. It did hurt. Because I was suffering from extreme anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia (separate health problem), I couldn't go in for my check ups. This lasted about 4 years. In that time the cancer came back and spread to my lymph nodes. I had major surgery, chemo and rads. Unlike the first time 12 years prior when it was caught early. Removal of the area was only treatment. If I could have caught it early when it came back, it would have been much better.

I wish you the best.


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Saw your post and although I have little experience with this, Ron's tongue cancer was far in the back and appeared black to the ENT. Did not hurt and was only discovered because of swollen neck lymph node visit. So, as everyone says "Get thee to the doctor." Will be thinking of you.



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Bart T
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By all means get it checked out. That was exactly the feeling and I had before my diagnosis and it was in the same area of the tongue. I thought it was a simple cut or cold sore, but after it persisted for several weeks I had it checked out and it was tongue cancer. The diagnosis was made by an ENT on the basis of a biopsy. Good luck, and I truly hope it is nothing more than a sore. 

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will only come after a visit to your ENT~~you know that!

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More than likely it will be nothing to worry about at least no more than you have already.

But as mentioned, you know your body better than anyone...

It's always better to be pro-active instead of re-active..



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thanks everyone.  i have an appt w/my pcp tomorrow.  i'm gonna show it to him and see what he says,  then i'll see my ent.  you guys are great!!


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My BOT, no pain, but was cancer.

Check your tongue, your throat, your neck, and your tires.  Leave nothing to chance.

Good luck, hope it is nothing.


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i'm way to scared to just see my pcp!!!!!!!!!!  i chickened out and had my ent squeeze me in thursday (tomorrow).  i rescheduled the physical w/my pcp.  p51, i wanna be tucked in your pocket!!!  that seems to help everyone else!  my nerves are REALLY BAD right now.  i went thru hell w/my larynx cancer (2 times) but i don't think my hell was as bad as the people w/tongue cancer and i'm scared to death.  i can't stand the thot of all that pain!!!!  i'll post what the ent does as soon as i get home.  the thot of a biopsy is scaring me!!!  i had one back in may and was in SEVERE pain for a solid month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  prayers are appreciated.  thanks a million for being there!  i'd b lost w/o my friends on this site b/c u really understand cancer and all the emotions that go w/it.


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since yesterday.  I'm holding your hand, too.  I'm happy to hear you've skipped your Primary Dr. and are heading straight into the ENT.....why not, he's the one who can actually give you peace of mind!!

Take a deep breath.....better yet.....we'll BOTH take some deep breaths.....we can breath together....  One...two...three....breathe....ok we're in sync now. 


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going up for you!!  Get to that ENT and keep us posted.  Praying that it's nothing and you can report good news!!  

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I was glad to  see that you are going to see your ENT tomorrow . Good or bad news the sooner you know, the better for your health . I'm hoping and praying it's nothing serious . If I were you I would take xanax until I/you see the Doctor . Best of luck to you.


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Positive thoughts and prayers


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just got back from ent.  heres what was said:

bump on tongue - nothing to worry about but we'll watch it to see f it grows

water & food stay at back of throat instead of going down throat - there is scar tissue there that keeps it from going down.  said its like trying to get it thru a funnel.  solution:  going to do a ct 2 c where the carotted artery is then do a throat dialation and cut the scar tissue to open the throat more.  has 2 make sure he doesn't cut that artery.

i learned that when they did my neck disection they removed the right side of my thyroid

stoma bleeds  -  stoma has been bleeding for no reason.  stuff in the stoma comes directly from the lungs, unless the stoma has been scratched, but we don't see a scratch.  therefore, he ordered a lung cancer screening which includes a ct of lungs (cost $99 out of pocket, not bad i guess) .  he is more concerned about this than the bump on tongue.

i'm not in a panick at this time.  i'm just telling myself this is just to be safe.  i'm actually feeling pretty good sinethe tongue bump is nothing to worry about.  i was so scared....lol.  thank you all for your replies and advice, i greatly appreciated it!!


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