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Wonderful news yesterday!....

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Hey everyone, just wanted to update you all on Jason. He got his first CT Scan done after starting the new chemo in June (let me backtrack a bit.....he had a CT Scan done back in June which showed that the football size tumor on/in/around his colon had shrunk by 50%, which was great, BUT the "one" liver met had not only grown but there were 3 others, so they changed his chemo from Oxaliplatin to Irinotecan (everything else stayed the same) oh, & he had a liver biopsy done also to see if the liver mets were actually coming from the primary colon tumor if they were something different altogether & it turned out to be the same thing, so they changed his chemo.....) SO, we got the results of his second CT Scan & as for the colon tumor, the radiologist said that whatever he is seeing is so tiny he can't tell if it's acutally "tumor" he's looking at or if it's just inflammation or thickening of the colon wall (I know....YAY!) BUT, the best news is that the liver mets have shrunk by 25% (in only 2 months on the new stuff) & there were NO NEW ONES! So YAY! Oh my goodness, I feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted from me, I have been worried sick (literally), so it's such a relief to know that things are going in the right direction at least. I know this isn't over, I know that Jason will have to fight this thing for the rest of his life, but I sure hope he has many, MANY more years left to fight! I just want to thank all of you for your love & support through this whole thing. I honestly do believe that my being able to sit down & read REAL stories about people who have actually beat this thing has helped keep me going....not to mention Jason, it has helped him SO much, so again....THANK YOU ALL!!!!! I'll keep y'all posted! ((((HUGS))))) Kris

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OH THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!!  I am so happy to hear that Jason is responding well to his new chemo!! My best to Jason for continued success!! Thank you for the update, I had been wondering how things were going for you both. Cool

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Great news!  I'm so glad that Folfiri is working so well for him.  Have have added Avastin to the mix as well?  Please give my best to Jason, and tell him to keep up the good work!

All my best,


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Yes Cyn, they added the Avastin later when his chemo started because he had the exploratory surgery early in March, so they had to give his incision time to heal before the Avastin was added, but yes, he's on it now.

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That's good news indeed.  Have a great weekend celebrating.

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This is fantastic news.  So happy for you and Jason.  Make a point of celebrating by doing something special this weekend.




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So glad to hear this. Isn't it nice when you actually KNOW you are heading in the right direction, that the tx is actually working!!!


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that is all great news im so glad you all are getting a break.yes it is a constant fight but if you can get some of those breaks he will do fine ...Godbless...johnnybegood

Cathleen Mary
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So happy for you both! This is wonderful news.  Celebrate. 

Cathleen Mary

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Hip hip hooray! Wonderful news!


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Glad to hear of Jason's improvement.  I know it has to be a big boost for you both.

May things continue on this upswing.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am so happy to hear this news and pray that all continues to improve with his new cocktail of drugs.

May you enjoy life with a little less stress. Do something specual for yourself. 

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Don't you feel that when you get positive results like this, that it is such a boost to your mental health...lol!  My husband had a good CT scan a few weeks ago and we walked on air, we were so happy.  Wishing you and Jason all the best!

Take care,


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I'm so happy for you both!  It's such a relief to get those improved scan results.  How is Jason feeling?  Is he doing ok on the I drug?

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Good news is always welcome on this forum.  We get too much of the other kind!  Rejoice that things are moving in the right direction.     Good Luck to you both.

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It's always great when things turn out to be better than first believed. Enjoy the good news and treat yourselfs to something you like. Pray the news stays good.  Jeff

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Great news so happy for you I am sure Jason is feeling much better!

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