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Brain Mets for my mom. Help

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Hi all. 

I hope each and every one of you are doing great. Me? Not so much. 

My mom was diagnosed with stage 3C uterine UPSC about a year ago. She has undergone a radical hysterectomy as well as aggressive chemo and radiation. All was okay and she seemed to be doing great until today. She went to the emergency room because of fatique and slurred speech  and she thought she was having a stroke. Turns out that she has a large cancerous tumor in her brain. Its crazy and sad and all sorts of nasty. 

Anyone have any insight? Experience? She is not too old and was doing so well with this whole cancer thing and then bam. The brain. 

They are doing an mri soon to see if its anywhere else and then we can decide what the options are. I have a sinking feeling about this and I would love some input or real honest opinions from you amazing women on these forums. 

Much love. 

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Sorry about your mother and what the family is going through!  I am UPSC also, but 1a with no mets and over three years clear.  Just wanted to tell you to hang on and one of the other UPSC ladies will be here to help you with what will be the next of many steps.  There are several here with UPSC staged at three and more.  I have been entirely blessed, but I know the nature of the beast.  I'm sure Ro or Connie or several of the others will be here to help shortly.  If I can help you can private message me on this board.  I don't post much, but I'm usually in the background!  Best, Debra

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I am so sorry your mom is going through this, and you as wellCry. It won't be until Janurary that it will be a year since my last treatment for this cancer. Your mom is very blessed to have a daughter who loves and supports her while she goes through this season of her life. I get frustrated that they don't catscan the whole body  from the head past the pelvis during our checkups. How often was your mom scanned? Don't give up hope. Tell your mom I am praying for her and you. If you have any questions please ask. God is in control.~ Tami

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My understanding isthat UPSC doesn't commonly go to the brain.  Of course, since we managed to get a relatively rare uterine cancer, why should we be surprised if it does rare things.  Anyway, at this point, do they even know if it is mets or does she have the misfortune to have developed another primary cancer?  I think you will have to endurethe wait until she has the tests and you know more.  We will hold her in our thoughts.  Good luck and please stay in touch.

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Like Connie said it has been rare for UPSC to go to the brain.  Unfortunately there have been a few that have had brain mets.  I wish you luck in weighing your options to treat this tumor.  In the meantime  try to find some joy in each day.  

I too have Stage 3-C UPSC.  I know how hard the chemo and radiation can be.  Luckily my recurrences have only involved lymph node enlargement.    I wish peace and comfort for your Mom, you and your family.  

If you put brain mets into the search box on the first page you may get some posts from those who had brain mets.  In peace and caring.

you may also want to check the ovarian board for " brain mets" , too in the search boX.   UPSC is very much like ovarian cancer, so the treatments are similar.

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