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Numb area from surgery

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So my last liver resection they cut half way down and then went half way over, a backwards "L", quite a bit of the stomache area is numb, which when they give you those shots in the stomach it is quite an advantage, but now I seem to find it annoying that I have this dead area that I can't feel.  Does it ever come back, or have they cut nerves and that "feeling" is forever gone?

Winter Marie

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The only things I've had done in my life that remotely resemble surgery are a C-section followed six years later by a Hysterectomy in the same place. It took several years for that scar area to have feeling.

Hope you are otherwise recovering from the surgery.



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Joined: Apr 2010

I've had three of those, one emergency cut straight down from belly button and two bikini cuts but nothing like the numbness that this one has given me.

I've completely recovered from this surgery (except annoying numbness) whoo hoo, and will hopefully get my colon resection soon before these lung and thorax tumors get much bigger.


Winter Marie

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I am still pretty numb around most of the area. I do feel little sharp pains sometimes. I'm hoping that means the nerves are healing (?)

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I have been numb for nearly 8 years but they keep cutting me open so it is hard to say. I did go 4 years one time in between resections and it was still nimb.

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...to avoid to cut major nerves, but since everybody is different sometimes it happens. Recovery depends on the thickness of the nerve(s). Smaller network of branches will recover faster then thick ones. Vitamin B complex helps nerve regeneration.

I wish you good luck in your long term healing.


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My liver resection was july 2012,and most of the feeling has come back.It takes awhile.Good luck.

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yes...backward L......numb....nerves cut

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When they go to give me those anti-clotting shots in my stomach after this next surgery I know right where to have them give them again. Wink

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These are probably lovenox, which is a temp anti-blood-clotting med.  Due to a clot in my lung,'i've  had 20 shots, most of which I had to give myself.  I don't have a numb spot on my tummy to take the stabs. So count your blessings!!!

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I had my splene removed in 85 and still have some numness

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I still have not gotten the feeling back from the incision area where I had my 2nd c-section.  That was 11 years ago!  For me it doesn't really bother me.

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For your answers, it's just kind of different to touch somewhere on your body and not feel it, I suppose I'll get used to it at some point, now I'm still kind of surprised everytime when I touch it and can't feel it.

Winter Marie

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But similar experience.  Lung surgery left tingly numbness for a year. Just now noticed it's finally gone.


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hello darling Diz.....just back from the northern cottage and starting to catch up....my first liver resection was 06 and the second was 08 .....very large scar starting right hip bone up to sternum and off down as a slash to the left.  No feeling after 5 years in the right abdominal area.....it is weird touching your body and not feeling it .....I too have colon and csection surgeries but they did not leave this total lack of feeling.......so yup....me too no feeling.....guess that's why my tummy sticks out.....no feeling to control those muscles...Laughing

hugs to you girl.......mags

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Glad you got away and glad your back!

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I hope this isn't a permanent condtion, but I don't know. Glad to know you're recovering otherwise!




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I had kidney surgery over 30 years ago and have a numb spot from the surgery.  More recently I've had 2 abdomenal surgeries for the cancer and had temporary numbness.  Hopefully it will either go away or you'll get used to it. 

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