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Could I just be over reacting too soon?

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I went in Tuesday for my 8th treatment. Had to skip one week because I have been getting severe rashes, Dr had me miss it for fear my skin would peel, bleed and I could end up with an infection. Last week I began having rather strong pains on my right side. Radiating from my back to my belly button. Could it be appendicitis?, Gall bladder attack? Or........ let's face it boys and girls, I do have stage IV kidney cancer that is in my liver now and, now..... somewhere else? The Dr didn't feel anything unusual during an examination and I'm now scheduled for a CT scan on Monday. It was my left kidney that was removed in April. In addition to having my scan a month early, he has put me on pain pills.

I will find out Tuesday the results..... guess I'm hoping some of you would be so kind to keep your fingers crossed, not to the point of cramping , but enough to send a good vibe my way. I know I've just begun this journey, and it really sucks. Would be really nice to find out the Torisel is keeping things at bay and the pain is nothing to worry about. Any way...... one can dream.

Thanks for listening to me rant.

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Hi Baaa-bs,

My husband Mike is also fighting stage IV RCC with sarcomatoid features since January.  He does complain at times of similar pains. 

I had breast cancer at age 32, 19 years ago.  I so remember when I had a pain in the area of my liver soon after diagnosis and before treatment.  By the time I had all my scans I was almost doubled over in pain for at least a week and was totally convenienced  that the cancer had spread to my liver.  After my doctor told me my scans looked great, the pain immediately stopped.  I know first hand how cancer can mess with your mind.  You will be in my prayers for good scan results!


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Rants come with the territory!

I am certainly not offended by them. Heaven knows we all have the need to once in a while.  I am, of course, hoping of your added symptoms to be all in your head, but relegating it to that status could be dangerous so keep on checking and ranting!  I am crossing every available appendage for you, hoping that one of them brings positive results to you! Smile

Keep positive and keep charging forward!  No prisoners!


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Dear Baa-bs,

      Anxiety can do terrible things to your mind, and I am praying that is what is causing your pain!  I know anxiety sure plays havoc with me and I am not ashamed to say I am taking anxiety meds to help, and it does!  I was diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney cancer in August of 2011.  Had my right kidney and adrenaline gland removed.  Was good for a 1 year and 1/2, then had lower right lung removed in March 2013.  Last scan in June showed no active cancer, next scan in October and I have not been put on any meds for my cancer, I am doing the scan and wait prescription.  My mind is sometimes my worst enemy, I have started to write all my fears down, and my husband will then read them back to me!  He then proceeds to write in my book in big bold black letters, YOU ARE STILL HERE LIVING!  I think we can be our own worst enemy!  Anyway, I will cross everything for you and even throw some prayers in there that anixety is just playing havoc with you. 

     Sending love, prayers, and good health to you!


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I don't think that you are over-reacting, considering that you are stage 4 and have mets.  However, there's no merit in getting worked up about it since in a few days time you'll get your latest scan results and we hope that they will be encouraging. 

You seem to be doing well and I'm amazed you've not been on pain meds until now.  May I ask what they've put you on?

Can you remind me what your path report looked like and why Torisel was chosen - there are good enough grounds for dreaming that it will keep the cancer at bay, so do keep the good dreams going strong!

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My original report is as follows: There is a 15.1x11.2x10.6 cm T2b, N1 carcinoma of the lower pole of the left kidney. The nodule seen in the upper lobe and on the CT study shows metastatic metastasis, indicating stage IV. After removal of the left kidney, one of the 4 enlarged lymph nodes showed kidney cancer, sarcomatoid. A 2 inch lesion on the right lung showed kidney cancer, sarcomatoid. My liver has a lesion, 1 1/2 inch and after the PET scan, kidney cancer, sarcomatoid. At the time of my original CT scans and PET scan, the right kidney showed no lesions.

I was told I could start Votrient, but Torisel would be the more aggressive approach, so I took that route. This was the opinion of 4 oncologists. The pain med they have put me on is really nothing compared to what most people are on. I just find it funny that when I broke my foot a few years ago, the hospital sent me home with the instructions to take Advil.... when I get a tooth pain, the Dentist tells me to take Advil...now I finally get hydrocodone.?????!!!!!!! So, like I said, I'm taking baby pain pills every 4 hours as needed for pain. Just found it interesting. Anyway, it helps, so I'm taking them.

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double post

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seem to take on a more significant concern with cancer. Overreacting? "Probably not. More concious of you body status? Yep. Funny thing with me is that after all my adventures, I have no pain now what so ever. That is also pretty weird. I may be in a state of brain damage though. Let me check. The president is ....um....well the date is.....um......Anyway, I know it's July.

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