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Looking for feedback

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My urologist is proposing that I have a repair of a small hernia and a partial nepherectomy done at the same time, laparoscopically. A general surgeon would fix the hernia after the urologist is done with the kidney. Met with the general surgeon yesterday, and she did not seem that motivated. For starters, she and her associate could not feel a hernia. She said she would take an exploratory look and do a repair - if she finds a hernia - using mesh instead of suturing. And would not do it laparoscopically. Initially, I thought that; getting both taken care of at the same time was a good idea. Not sure of the impact on recovery. Hernia did not show up on ultrasound or CT scan done in July. But a scan done four years said I had a small inguinal hernia. I started having symptoms in May (a burning sensation in the groin after doing more than two miles on treadmill). Symptoms have been minimal of late. What are your thoughts about having the two procedures done at the same time? Any similar experiences? By the way, the urologist did feel the hernia. He was aggressive in trying to find it. The doctor yesterday was a bit timid.

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In my case, there was evidence of a hernia. Since my operation was a hand assist laparascopic surgery, the initial centerline incision was in the same location as the hernia. It made perfect sense to make the repair at the same time.  I think they probably opened a little more than usual, timein surgery was extended about an hour, and my recovery time was lenthened a little I suppose-not lifting over 10 lbs for 6-8 weeks- but otherwise I didn't notice anything except the missing hernia!

If your hernia is like mine, it makes perfect sense to do both at once.  That way the hernia repair is not elective surgery!

Good luck!


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Not sure any of us can give a great answer.. as we are all different.  I too had a hernia prior to surgery and the Doc said nope..   Well, actually as they ended up cutting up and down on me.. it sort of got repaired.. but of course I ripped it open again..    I have read a few posts here that some folks end up with a hernia post surgery due to all the cutting...  Two Docs told me to live with it.. the repair won't likely last anyway... so no big deal for me..   But, that is me... your body and results may be entirely different...

Good Luck.!


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I am thnking about holding off on the hernia surgery. Will see what the Moffitt urologist thinks. As a side note, I saw my regular GI doctor today and he believes there is transcription error in my most recent CT scan. It reported that I had "a fat tissue hiatal hernia." But the doctor says they must have meant an inguinal hernia due to type of scan and past CTs which reported an inguinal hernia. Will follow up.

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They found a hiatal hernia on one of my scans--so concerned about tumor, we decided not to even think about it.


Probably need to now.  Yippie!


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