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My quote for those of 'us' in pain ....

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No matter how much it hurts now, one day you'll look back and realize it changed your life for the better

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I like this one!  Thanks for posting it :)



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so like many others - I am crying, and hurting.  Hoping this quote ...offers a little piece of comfort.

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Thanks.  It helps.


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Christmas Girl
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At times like this, I always recall another quote - shared here, long ago:

From the moment we say 'hello' - we are obligated to say 'good-bye'...

When we lose someone we care for - we need to process our sadness, grief, and mourning. Cherished memories and gratitude for the relationship then help to heal our hearts.

To all my Kindred Spirits here, all those hurting, I extend a heartfelt (((hug of comfort))) via cyberspace.

Kind regards, Susan 

New Flower
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Thank you Vicki for initiating this conversation.

We are humans, our empathy and compassion for each other are very important part of who we are. During last two weeks we lost 3 sisters Jamie, Claudia and Linda. Both Grief and mourning about those who we have been friends for many years help to honor, our dear friends, process our loss and move forward with our life and fight.

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Yes, many of us are hurting over the looses here in such a short space of time.  Wonderful quotes VickiSam and Christmas Girl and wise words New Flower.

Pain and Joy are all part of life; we mourn our sisters and we will remember them as we move on.  




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and a soft hug for all of us -- 

Such a HUGE, huge, huge blow for our Sisterhood of Kindred Spirits --



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No matter that we know it is coming, the hurt and pain are still her. I am sure some feel as I do, days where I am almost afraid to go on the board as we have lost so many that made such a huge impact in our lives. Yet, I am still so happy that each and everyone of them has made an impact in my life. With some it was through their wisdom, or compassion, humor, or positive attitude, but mostly it is the way they were able to pull up their big girl panties and still see beauty and hope, and love for all of those around them.
I loved that Kari stayed active til Christmas enjoying the season with her friends and family, our little Kat emailed me less than a week b4 she passed telling me how much fun she was still having just having her brothers home with her and her parents, Chen as hard as she was fighting was able tonshare in Reggie's appointment with the governor, Linda enjoying her family as longnas possible, and from emailsnfrom Jamie, not giving up.... MAJW was just full of grace and spitfire, Laurissa posted til she coldn't, and even thogh I was only on for a short time, Moopy just seemed to be loved by all..
I am sure I have missed some, yet I feel fortunate to have had the opportunty to be a part of all of this.
And I can't tell you all how important it is to also hear all of the success stories, and pray every day that there will not be anymore who are diagnosed with mets, yet that seems to be happening way too often.
This has been such anhard three weeks, and Vicki Sam you are such a support to all. I am happy that you open some of these doors which alow everyone to talk about the sadness that surrounds this diseas.
Prayers to all.

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........Without all of the dear friends I have met.....

Some, I must say 'goodbye' to, but I still cherish the time I had to share with them!!!  And the rest, well I cherish you still!!!!


Hugs, to us all, Kathi

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Thank you for sharing, Vicki Sam.  I have truly been saddened by Linda's passing.  It is amazing how much we can feel and care for someone whom we have never physically met.  You and Linda were the first two people to reach out to me when I first joined the site.  I remember how wonderful she was as she gave me guidance.  I will never forget her.


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