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Survivors to the Summit

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Saturday morning was beautiful! This is our big fundraiser for th Cancer Wellness House. It was held at Snowbird Ski Rrsort. Pancake breakfast, followed by anhike to the summit (I had to take the tram to the top). Then at the summit there were sandwiches, ice cream, fruit, face painting and entertainkent.
Entertainment was a local childrens choir, they sang pop songs and were amazing, and a n Irish group - 2 Yals, a lot of fun, followed by 3 speakers.
This was the amazing part, one was a man with hisn6 year old son, itnwas not anrah rah speach! It was realistic about the difficulties followingn5000+ hours of chemo, and the effect on family.
2ndnwas a 29 year old who just got out of hospital after his 2nd bone marrow transplant, 3rd was a man who lost his wife to cancer May 31. What set this a part were their speaches were real, about the horrors of the disease, and the blessings and how the activities at tyencenter mean so much. They are all active ay CWH But mostly it was no sgar coating the devistation, yet no poor me or whinning.
A wonderful day and a tribute to so many who have gone before s, yet uplifting to be with so many others fighting the fight with egerything they uave and in antruly heautiful setting

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Sounds like an amazing event that just tells it like it is.  Hope you raised the needed funds.


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It sounds like an unbelievable event!!  So glad you were able to attend this wonderful fundraiser and thanks for attending.  I cannot imagine how many people you and others are helping.



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Jean 0609
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I am so happy to hear that you got to enjoy this wonderful day.  Sending big hugs!



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Double Whammy
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Sounds like it was a great event and I'm so pleased you were able to go and enjoy.


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Wish we had such a place here where I live that was similar to your CWH.  Your center sounds like the real thing.  Glad that you were able to go and partake of it all.

We have a center but one of their activities was decorating bras sponsored by another business.  One year, ok.  The 2nd year, I inquired why they picked only on breast cancer.  Why not decorate jock straps for awareness of testicular cancer or decorate a sun umbrella or sun bonnet for awareness of melanoma.  Needless to say I didn't get anywhere, as bras were more fun to decorate.  Those who decorated bras had to pay to enter this contest or fundraiser.  The winner won prizes.  

Thank you for sharing,


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