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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

"Role of Aspirin in CRC Prevention and Treatment"

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Can't remember now...were you one of the people who warned me about sight issues with taking aspirin?  I was taking a baby aspirin a day, and had developed some blurriness in my vision.  I stopped taking it after someone here told me about this issue, and it cleared up.  Too bad, as I would like to be able to add this to my regimen.  The evidence that it can help seems pretty good.  AA

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ably BRAF, is a prime determinant for taking aspirin once Dxed (you should be tested for this if stage iv as well as for KRAS). Don't remember either about issue of aspirin and eyesight.....I find my retention(and short-term memory) when i read things is gone since chemo. I tried teaching myself basic biology to better comprehend my attempts to read the "scholarly sites" with all the technical/medical/scientific terminology but when i returned the next day to review what i had read it was brand new to me......Sometimes i remember things, most times i now don't. i never would have been able to survive at work like this if i were still working....(i had read one study where "chemo brain" starts,as far as these women with breast cancer were concerned,shortly after Dx,before TX even begins.DAMN!!!!aint nothing surprising about that. The second i was told i had cancer my mind was in another land.....The chemo did something else)

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U need to know the pik3ca mutation to know if aspirin will help.

pl google - aspirin , pik3ca and cancer - will get u lots of information if it is helpful

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