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very curious

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Does anyone here know of someone who chose not to continue with chemo/surgery once it became stage 4, and wanted more quality of life even if it would, perhaps, be less amount of time for them?  Would like to know.  Thank you.

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that's something I've been wondering since the day of my dx

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There have been several members here who had been stage 4 for some time and done surgeries and chemo who finally opted out of any further treatments.

I don't personally know any who decided no treatment when just diagnosed stage 4.

It should also be noted that there are folks here who have been stage 4 for a considerable period of time, who have been able to live relatively good lives while continuing treatments.

For each person the choice of quality over quantity is a question not taken lightly or without all the best information available to them.

Marie who loves kitties

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...I didn't consider not having treatment, before I found out what will it take to have a chance on life and before I read from other patients what they went trough. I thought I just pack up, go back to my sister and die in her arms.

But once I had a picture of what it will take and especially after I told my loved ones, my world has become bigger than my little brain that gave me those distorted ideas. 

I'm "only" Stage 3 and I believe that when you have stage 4 considering not having treatment is a valid thought. But when you get really sick and really are out of options, you are gonna have an even more conflicting question: How would it have been and how would I be now if I chose treatment. And that's I believe it's lot harder to live with.


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but did not want others to think I'm just depressed and giving up or not caring about feelings of others on this site.  Quality of life is a big deal to me.  I tend to think about the ability to take care of myself, physically, emotionally and financially.  Any other comments/opinions would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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I have been dx stage 4 since June 2009 andI have been taking treatment the whole time. It has been a real roller coaster ride but I think the treatments have given me a least 2 more years of decent time. It does get harder but when I see my family and celebrate life's events I'm glad I'm still doing treatment. This is such a personal decision and quality of life means something different to every person. I pray you are guided to the right decision. Jeff

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When Steve (husband) went from NED to numerous liver mets, his onc/surgeon told him one year without treatment.  I think it would have been less.

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I stopped all traditional chemo treatment in April, but pursued alternative therapies in Germany since may. At first it seemed like this was a huge mistake, but last month things started to look a little more positive. Generally my quality of life has been quite good with just a few bad weeks here and there.

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Almost a year after treatment for stage 3, lung mets showed up on one of Mom's scans. At the time, she was feeling really well, had finally gotten pretty much all of her energy back since finishing her first course of chemo, and her neuropathy had faded into mostly just some numbness in her feet. Her onc wanted to start her on chemo right away, but she said no. She had a trip planned that was important to her, and wanted to feel good for it and not have to deal with any chemo side effects. She knew the cancer would likely spread in the 2+ months she was putting it off (and it did), but she felt at her age (mid 80s) the chance to have a wonderful vacation outweighed the extra time she may or may not get by starting chemo and dealing with the QOL issues. She is back now and will be starting chemo next week, but has said that if side effects are too bad, she will stop.

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My wife has had great QOL and longevity by seeking extra levels treatments with nutrients, natural inhibitors and off label drugs with mild or no side effects.   Surgery or physical removal is the usual ultimate goal for non-resolving mets. 

A milder daily chemo might be doable forever.  My wife didn't stop nicer immunochemo even for surgery. I've seen reports of UFT (a nicer oral form of 5FU sold outside the US) used up to eleven years.  

Everyone thought we were skipping out on chemo when I initially questioned "standard" and briefly hesitated.  I used that time to get better answers and, cumulatively, my wife has used larger amounts of chemo without the normal problems.   

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personally I would never consider skipping surgery, as it offers the only hope for a possible cure when you are stage 4.  And sometimes chemo can help people get to be surgical candidates, even if they aren't at the start of the process (and that includes some on these forums who were told that they would never be able to have surgery but got there after doing chemo).  That said, I do know there are a few who have chosen to skip it.  I guess I would only be willing to forego chemo (speaking as someone who did it twice, with no results) if I was confident that I would be content with whatever might happen, and not feel unhappy later that I didn't try all options when I had the chance.  AA

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Miss Cindy L
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I have had no treatment since my colon resection surgery in Jan. 2012. I have done well and felt good overall tilll recently I have had some symptoms of pain. My scans showed little or no growht on my 2 liver mets for 1 1/2 yrs. The last scan showed liver mets have grown and I am now considering chemo. My Oncologists say they have not seen a patient this healthy with no treatment Stage 4. I have had a good qua;ity of life and workout at the gym almost every day. I eat a clean diet and sleep 8-10hrs each night. I hope this helps you...feel free to ask any qiestions.

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