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The future, Dr Nesslehut and vaccination and my recent experience

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He is my doctor, I am up to vaccine 7. I had a massive cea ca199 spike after last vaccine, which i hope is tumour cells dieing.

My cea was 12 when i arrived germany 4 weeks ago, i did 12 days immunotherapy and my cea spiked to 44, 4 days later it was at 6. since then I have done considerable insulin potentated therapy with dca, b17, xeloda, avastin, tarceva and lots of others. doing another TACE to the liver. this will be my 7th liver TACE, i feel well and wanted to share my doctors story.

The implication if your interested in immunotherapies if that my tumour is still expressing mhc1, that a tcell based response is occuring, this is a good prognostic indicator.

The contributing factors to recurrence 2 for me was port infection and stopping the ketogenic diet and cimetidine and most german therapies while the family. my cea went from 2.8 to 23 is 6 weeks then. that was a few months ago now.

I am friendly with the lady in the video, she is angle, she has been bring patients and helping then with treatments for years.


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Good to hear you are doing wel and your therapies are working for you, that is the most important part.

Any plans for the summer to spend with the family away?


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Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

alas my wife and kids live like i am dead already, which is really nice in that i have seen them get on with a wonderful normal life without me, its the benefit of half a world between us. the last visit from family my cea rose from 2.8 to 23 in 6 weeks. i still aint worked that one out yet, but i have my suspicions.

in therapy every hour of everyday, today full fullbody hypethermia with ipt, its never been tested with my cocktail, alas the avastin a serious risk of complications. see ya on the otherside, stay well and thanks for caring.

these therapies are not for the faint hearted, thats a joke about dieing from heart complications which is always my theraputic limit. goto to dash to the heckel tent.



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