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15 months since ending the 39 radiation treatments

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My PSA was 5.8 and a Gleason of 7.2 and now it has dropped to 1.8 in 13 months. I have had some changes to my bodily functions since the finishing of the radiation treatment. I did start after 5 months having a bleeding rectum after having a BM. That lasted 1 month and stopped. I am OK and have had nothing else as  a change from the radiation treatment.

I made the right decision to have the radiation verses the surgery. Surgery had so many issues in regards to being down in recovery for at least 6 weeks. I own a construction business and just couldn't be away that long if I still wanted to be in business when I recovered.  Inconaence was for sure going to happen. E.D. dysfunction too. I could live with the E.D issue but the incontinence is a lifetime of wearing a diaper. Let alone the odor of urine with me too because of the incontinence.


I am so greatful that we live in a time in history that we can have so many choices. Thank you to all of the reserchers and donors who funded the  reserch. THANK YOU!!

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Great news. You may expect it to go down further. Hope the nadir is really low and that it stays there forever.



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