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Dear Friends,

I had 10 days of chemo and radiation treatment sofar and not just that I don't have any side effects sofar, but I see great improvement. Maybe it's just my imagination, but it feels like my rectal tumor is shrinking. I have less pain, no bleeding, I have more sensation and more natural bowel movement. I still have temperature every day and night sweats which the doctors cannot explain, so I contribute it to my body fighting my cancer. 

I still work 5 days as a dentist and that's going well. I get tired at the end of the day and I take more rests and naps. 

I realize that side effects will come later and I still have the big surgery infront off me, but at least for now I'm very well.

I wish I could say that everything is fine in my life, but I can't believe how much grief my ex-wife is giving me. She claims that my current wife has been poisoning me and that's why I got the cancer. On other occasions she says I just pretend to have cancedado I can get out of child support and alimony. She is clearly insane and a miserable being. She is poisoning our daughter's mind with this crap too so I have to deal with that too. I bloched her number so at least it will be quiet for a while.

I would like to express my appreciation to all of you and let you know that your support and advise was just as important as the medical treatment.

Nothing but the best possible to you all,


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thats great news! sorry you have to deal with the ex wife during this

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Good luck to you with your CT and ultrasound.

Let us know the findings. 


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Great news. Chemo works fast. Often people can notice changes to their tumor within the first few weeks of treatment. It's a good sign!

Your ex-wife sounds like quite the nut. Too bad you have to deal with unnecessary issues while going through such a stressful time.


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I wish there was a perfect answer concerning you ex-wife. How can people be so cruel?

I'm happy that you are feeling a difference. May your scans prove you right. 

I wonder what your radiation dose is?  I'm on week three of six sessions and the side effects are not fun at all. I almost wanted to tell my Rad Onc I'd had enough, but he went on two weeks vacation. By the time he gets back ill bones ebones e to go, so I'll stick it out. 

Good luck! Work as long as you can and keep us posted. 

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What kind of side effects do you have? Do you take chemo as well?


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That is so wonderful that you can feel your treatments working- so, so happy for you.

I hate hearing that you have to deal with a crazy ex right now.  That is one stress that you should not have to deal with.  (I have one of those too).  I love "blocking".  Keep it up and enjoy some peace for a bit.  Wink


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Hope things continue to go well.

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