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Sore - Raw throat. wow this is bad -- Any help or Advice??

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Joined: Nov 2011

Recieved treatment #2 of FolFuri + Avastin this past Wednesday + the 5FU pump for Thursday and Friday.

Friday, was the most miserable "side effect day" I've ever had. (after over 55 chemo and 10 radiation treatments) in all of my days of dealing with Cancer battle... that day was the worst.

Mouth sores are there, but the REAL problem in the raw - sore through. Right around the adams apple area.

when I try to swallow, it almost feels like trying to swallow broken glass.

I have "magic mouth wash" and have reduced to drinking the stuff to see if it will help the my throat.

I haven't been able too, or felt like eating for three days. All i an do it Ensure, Boost, ice tea and water.... and it's going slowly. Very hard to swallow.


I'm ready to call the doc next to see what I can do.


anyone have an advice or help????






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Have you tried hot or warm liquids?  It may be what you need instead of cold.

Calling the doc is certainly the right thing to do even if you find some relief from any suggestions you get here.

Hope you are feeling better soonest.

Marie who loves kitties

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Posts: 493
Joined: Nov 2011

I just called doc.

you nailed i Marie... warm/hot water with salt as a rinse and do it often.

checkin soup as hot or warm as I can take it... sodium once again.

he also had me increase pain med that I've been on, and to take an extra breatkthrough pain med.

He said.... "force it down Joe, if you can't... then we'll admit you to the hospital" he continued... "try to force it for six to eight hours, and call me if you've not improved"

but he did give me the choice to go direct to the hospital and don't pass go or collect $200

thanks Marie.


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Try white oak bark. I buy it shredded at Health store and steam tea for 8 min (1-2 table spoons of chunks for 1 glass of boiled water).

"Oak bark tea has been used for many different purposes: for a gargle, for sore throats, to stop diarrhea, for burns and to stop weeping sores from running. It is good for pinworms, kidney and gallstones, helps to increase the flow of urine, tones the alimentary tract and helps stop gangrene. It is also good for pyorrhea and excellent for varicose veins."

I give it to my husband every time when he has diarrhea, sore throat or hemorhoids inflammation. My husband has similar side effects after folfiri & avastin but not so severe.

You can find more info here:



Usually it's sold in capsules but the shredded oak bark is more effective.

Good luck!


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Then again, maybe this just isn't the best thing for Joe..  


Oak bark might be safe for most people when taken for up to 3-4 days for diarrhea. Oak bark can cause serious side effects such as stomach and intestinal problems, and kidney and liver damage.

Oak bark might be safe for most people when applied directly to the skin for up to 2-3 weeks. When applied to damaged skin or when taken for longer than 2-3 weeks, oak bark is UNSAFE.


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Very glad you called the doc and got the full scoop!  Definately don't want to get dehydrated.

Warm salt water gargle is an old stand-by for the sore throat, but I always hate to recommend it to anyone these days because even if it makes it feel better, just don't know it that is the best thing or not.

Of course chicken soup is a "medical staple"...lol.  Not only the broth, but the noodles slide down pretty easy.

Hope you feel much better with the doc's suggestions and can avoid the hospital.

Marie who loves kitties

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As a dentist I wil tell you not to gargle with mouth wash or drink harsh or sour acidic liquids.

Warm salt water is good (only half a teaspoon of salt in 8oz warm water.

Chamomille tea is a great anti-inflammatory for mouth sores. you can rinse, gargle or drink it.

You have an inflamation in your throat directly from th chemo or indirectly by it causing dry mouth and throat. carry a bottle of liquid every where you go and sip it evey 5 minutes.

Good luck and our thoughts are with you man.



LivinginNH's picture
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Hi Laz,

Please note that the mouth wash that Joe mentioned, "magic mouth wash",is a numbing wash that is prescribed by the oncologist to help specifically with mouth sore pain.  Most patients taking Folfox will experience this type of problem.

Take care,


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I had  horrible mouth sores and mouth actually swollen shut.  That time I was admitted.  It will run it's chemo cycle and get better as the chemo reaction does.  Then the NEXT time before it gets close to bad again, you start all this stuff BEFORE the sores get bad.  Mine was bad- even got me a nice dilaudid pump and a morphine mouth rinse- wasn't suppose to drink it, but I would swallow some with the hope it would coat it.  Did all that BEFORE I attempt to eat any thing.  Like I said, mine was swollen shut, gums so swollen they puffed up over my teeth.  That was the first time he cut back on the oxy!

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Joe Have you tried Biotene mouthwash? That helped me with mouthsores. I have eaten Gerber's baby rice cereal, mostly because it has iron and it may be easy for you to swallow? I hope you can find a remedy soon. I had light episodes with swallowing but that was from oxyaliplatin (sp?). Chemo sure does a number on all of us. Dont hesitate to contact your Doctor! Barb

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