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Mom2greatkids (Carla) - How are you?

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Hi Carla,

Just wondering how you are doing?  Are you still on the Doxil treatments?


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Hi Kelly.


Thanks for thinking of me.  Yes, I am still on Doxil.  I am scheduled for #7 this Wed. (12th), providing my plaelet count is okay.  He has reduced the dosage by 20%, so that helps.  I think he plans to run scans 3 weeks after the 8th treatment,, as he said that Doxil can be a little slow in working.


I am doing well.  Just got home.  Had to go to my mother-in-laws today (about a 2 hour drive).  She has Alzhmiers and was placed in the nursing home this week.  My daughter and her boyfriend met me there.  She still knows most everyone, but boy is she ever mad at her brother and his wife for taking her there.  They let her live alone as long as possible.  She stopped caring for herself, taking meds, etc.  She's being very childish about it.  I seem to be her favorite person right now. LOL!   My husband was an only child. 


I'm thankful to be doing as well as I am. I basically go/do what I want/need to do.  Smile





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I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and that the reduced dosage has helped, in terms of side effects.  It's never an easy decision to place a loved-one in a nursing home and it's hard on everyone involved.  I often wonder what the future holds for my parents.  My mom is 77 and my dad is 83 and so far (knock on wood) they are doing well.  Luckily both my brother and I are close by and can check on them regularly.

I hope you and the other ladies have a good rest of the weekend!



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Been thinking of you! Glad you are doing well!

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Glad to be done
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Hi Carla.  Nice to see you on here.  Glad you are feeling well

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I think you and I have commented on each others posts before.  I am also on Doxil and will have my 6th treatment next week on Monday.  I seem to have rangled my side effects down to a manageable level and am also doing well!  Like you, pretty much go and do what I need to go and do.  Yea!

On the slow to work thing with Doxil - yes - my CA 125 shot up from 149 to 190 after first treatment, then just small ticks down for the next couple.   After my 4th it dropped all the way down to 102.  Have not checked on my last blood test after #5 - will find out when I go in on Monday for treatment - but if it is stable or even just a small drop I will still be happy.  

I also have aging parents and a mother-in-law that lives alone.  She is not in good heath and we are close to having to move her as well.  Not dealing with Alzhiemers though.  But she can still be a little difficult - lol.  We worry about them and they worry about us ...

Bottom line is we have cancer but the world keeps on spinning!  Just so glad there are drug options out there than can keep us going and allow us to keep on spinning along with everyone else!  So glad Doxil is proving to be a workable option for you too!!!


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Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for Doxil treatment to do its magic with minimum unpleasant side effects.




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