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So Proud of My Son

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I am so proud of my son I wanted to share.  He just turned 23 and is a HL survivor.  He was diagnosed in 2009 at age 19 and was stage IIIb.  He had missed his sophomore year at college in treatment and finishied in March of 2010.  In July he volunterred at Camp Horizon as a camp counselor for children with cancer or cancer survivors so they can enjoy a camp experience.. . 

Recently, he was put back on a 3 months ct scan schedule and two weeks ago had a biopsy.  A CT and then a PET indicatied new disease.  Two new nodes have shown up in the latest three months  at 1 cm and 1.2 cm in periaortic artery and some smaller chains in his pelvic area.  He has had some in his lungs as well, that they think are scar tissue from treatment and did not show on the PET.  They took 3 nodes in the groin because the other two are not easiily accessable.  The biopsy was negative but they want to scan again in 4 weeks to monitor the two larger nodes.  It is the 30th anniversary of Camp Horison and he is there this week for his third year volunteering.  He gets as much out of this program as the kids do and is free for the children through donations of time, resources, and money.  How AWESOME is that?             

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And you rightly so have a reason to be proud of your son !  So many people are not that thoughtful or generous.  John

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I am very proud of you for raising such a fine and considerate young man. I am also proud of you for joining this group. It must be so very difficult for a Mother to watch her child going through this. There is a wonderful group of people, survivors and caretakers, assembled here and I hope you get just the help and support you need.

Much love and many hugs from one Mother to another,



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You should be very proud.  Your son sounds like a wonderful young man.  You also sound very awesome.  This has to be a very difficult time for you.  My husband is the one who has Lymphoma, so I know that the chance it may be back and especially for your child must be pretty difficult to deal with.  It is the worst nightmare isn't it?  So much is being developed and discovered continually and a lot with lymphoma, so I hope you are not overly anxious and can hang on to the hope that even if they find something again it will be very treatable.  We are all here to comfort and support so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, vent or whatever.  Please let us know what happens if you feel like sharing and in the meantime we know your son finds strength with those dear children.  Our thoughts and prayers, Bill & Becky

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My first-ever CT showed some "spots" that the docs initially thought were lymphoma in the lungs.  They were not.  Actually, years later, they have never changed, and the radiologists have always noted that they are too small to analyze. They are always negative for PET reaction (do not show as cancerous activity on PETs).

I also have had a lot of scar tissue in the lungs, so it may be a scar-tissue-related item.

I wish your son well,


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Welcome to the group, Kris.  You should be very proud of your son and it's such an inspiring story!



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They left a msg on the answering machine about the CT for the 17th and that the surgeons did get the right nodes.  I have been really positive and upbeat the last two weeks since the biopsy results. but today I felt very near tears. I hate feeling this way.  I read the kind words posted here and it lifted me up.  Thank you everyone!     

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I absolutely love hearing these stories of people giving back and not forgetting their struggles, to help someone else with their's. What a fine you man you have raised, all the praise in the world to you both!!!




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Hi Kristr,
Welcome to the group, just wanted to let you know that you are right to be proud to have a son like yours. Helping other children such a selfless act of kindness, really hope and pray that your son continues with such awesome work. Hang in there sweet lady and don't lose faith, your son will be ok!
Take care and please keep us updated.


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