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New diagnosis, adenocarcinoma only found in brain

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I was found a couple weeks ago to have 5 lesions in my brain that are adenocarcinoma.  3 were surgically excised and 2 biopsied.  There haven't been any other tumors in my chest at all, or anywhere else, which is a bit confusing to me.  I am a 49 year old female, smoker, with no COPD or lung deficiency ever.  Tumors were found due to headache.  I am still in the process of "meeting my team", but the concensus so far is stereotactic radiation (possibly gamma kinfe) followed by whole brain radiation.  I have not been able to find any information on patients with brain mets but no disease found elsewhere, so most information I do find doesn't seem to apply to me.  I would appreciate any link or data for a situation like mine!

Thank you in advance

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While I don't know about this type of cancer, I do know that no PET/CT/MRI will pick up very small cancer cells.  My husband's cancer started out as laryngeal for which he is NED.  But one year ago when having a procedure done they found a tumor at the cervical of his esophagus.  Surgery out, so he underwent more radiation and chemo.  Then a clear PET/CT/endoscope.  Then within 3 months when a follow up PET/CT was done, there was a reoccurrence at the cervical of his esophagus, much larger than first time, and a spread to his right lung.  These cells were so small in the lung that at first they did not want to biopsy and when they did it had to be a needle biopsy due to location of cells in his lung.  They really debated doing the needle biopsy because of how small the cells were but went ahead because they had shown up on previous PET/CT and this time they had grown.  It is cancer and that ruled out any definite surgery because it had spread.  He had already told me he wouldn't have surgery and no further treatments.  Today he is doing good for his condition.  But no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Try posting your question on the brain cancer forum.

Wishing the best to you -- Sharon

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I have read stories about mets to other organs with no obvious primary.  The best site for you to visit would be cancergrace.org.  It is monitored by oncologists who are considered leaders in their fields.  Please come back and let us know what they said.  

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Have you had a ct scan or pet scan? My husband's lymph node biopsy showed adenocarcinoma. A biopsy of a tumor on his kidney showed it is renal cell carcincoma. Have they looked at your kidneys or liver?

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