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Surgeon is Leaving

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Went to my surgeon on Friday for a follow up for hernia surgery in November and found out that he is now leaving and won't be even replaced in my hospital.  There will be no one to take over for him and that leaves only two to handle a tri county area, and leaves me wondering why.  We talked about the new health care law and that is part of it and it saddens me that it has come to this.  He saved my life and now I'm left with someone that was my first surgeon and told me definitely I'd get an ostomy to someone (my second opinion and my surgeon now) that gave me hope and gave me a reversal where the first one wouldn't.  I'm sad that a great surgeon is leaving because of this upcoming regulations and change.  He has been a member of this health system for 19 years and it is truly sad that I'll not ever have his input again. 


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I went to see my requested urologist the other day and was told how hard it is to come to a smaller market. The demand is so high. I was lucky to get this drbecause the one I had before would give me no hope. The only reason best friend  who also goes to him recommended me. The whole health system is scary right now. I pray you can find another good surgeon soon. Jeff

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Our teacher policy did not have cancer screenings ...stripped down policy costing $600 per month for an individual policy....paid for Pap and Mammo but when Obomacare came in went in one year early for Colonscopy...had one at 50 ...told see you in 10 years...Thank goodness for Obamacare.  

Now BCBS MN is raising our policy 20 per cent to beat the deadline for the Insurance Exchanges And Sanford of South Dakota is buying hospitals clinics chiropractices and tried to buy all the non profit medical services until the Mn Attorney General stepped in and stopped the sale of the tax supported UofMN Children's Hospital.  When more people can have medical insurance and stop using the emergency rooms for Heath Care we will all benefit and more lives will be saved.  Rural areas will benefit in the long run.


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That has to be stressful.  When you have a surgeon you know and trust and then they leave, I can imagine the loss.  I had the same surgeon for both liver resections, and going in for the second with complete faith in my surgeon sure made it a lot easier.  And being left with someone that didn't have faith in getting a successful reversal just sucks.

This new health reform just seems to be scary to me, I wonder how hard they will be allowed to try and keep us stage IVers alive as long as they do now.

Winter Marie

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I don't wonder at all...

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oh Kim I am so sorry about your surgeon....I would feel so devastated by the loss of my liver surgeon. my oncologist (a woman) has just resigned....all very mysterious so far.....but the word on the street is inablility to cope with other members .....just 2....other oncologists......

I feel so sad....I feel lost...I feel this lady has saved my life...I do not know how I will go on without her in my cancer journey....I am so sorry you have lost your surgeon Kim



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