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CSN Outage 12/5/19

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CEA 0.7

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Joined: Apr 2012

George  now has a CEA of 0.7 and is only on Vectibix.  Pet scan is normal with no changes.   We are hoping to sell our house and Move to Northern, or Central Calif.    We want to move while he is doing good, and that will probably be our last move. 

Maybe we have a few years before the cancer rears its ugly head again.

HUGS from the Clarks

herdizziness's picture
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Whoop Whoop!  Fantastic CEA!  So glad George caught a break, may it be a very, very long and hopefully permanent one.

if you come to Northern California, welcome!  I live in Santa Cruz area and I agree Monterey is also very beautiful!

So glad to hear George's news :).

Winter Marie

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Excellent news.  0.7 is fantastic.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Good luck with the move and with moving forward in general.



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And we're all in favor!

Terrific number and best of luck with everything going forward - sounds like a great plan!

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