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fighting_ big_c
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My mom is on her 4th cycle and she has been experiencing severe upset stomach sometimes leading to vomitting. I already incorporated Prilosec (not working), and now Tums. She's been saying that she thinks she could not make it anymore :( Any advices to relieve this? Has anyone here also experiencing this? Thank you all in advance.

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What nausea meds are they prescribing?

Emend is supposed to be a good one, but is quite costly....Phenegran is an expensive one that works pretty well.

OTC Priolosec is ok, but Nexium would be a better choice - it is a Rx. 

All the treatments are going to be rough.  Alot of times a cancer patient will say I can't go on - but can they really not go on, or are they just in discomfort?

There won't be an easy drug to do...it could just be that your mom is sensitive to everything and could have a hard time with anything.  We don't really have enough info to go on.

You need to have her onc get more involved - there are many nausea drugs that she could try still. 

The drugs she is taking is messing with her stomach lining and entire intestinal tract.

One thing that just came to mind is have the nurses give her ALOXY prior to infusion; this helps tremendously.

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I take Emend for nausea and it is excellent!  It is costly though.  $50 for 3 pills but worth every penny.  I have had no nausea at all since taking them.

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Here I used to pay $100.00 for two Emend pills, then discovered marijuana worked much better for me, and cheaper.