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Colonoscopy results

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I had my first screening on Tuesday this week, thinking its just one of those tests we have to do and all will be fine.  I am 50 female in great physical shape.  The notes say one 30 mm polyp in the cecum.  The dr said he had it biopsied.  Still no word - any chance it could be begnign?  Will it have to come out?  I am really scared.  

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30mm is equal to about 1.18 inches....

It's a nice size, but there is always the chance that it is benign....many polyps can be....and others can be pre-cancerous, which if left intact, could eventually spell trouble as those show the propensity to develop cancer, thus pre-cancerous by definition.

I'm sure you are referring to a digital rectal exam and they were able to swath a sample to biopsy. 

If this doc says he think it's cancer.....he should refer you...or on your own, you should find a GI doctor (gastroenterologist) and have your first colonoscopy performed....you're right at 50 and you'll be covered by your insurance plan. 

The GI doc will be able to traverse the entire colon (to the cecum) where if they are able to......they would excise that polyp out of there.....if it were pre-cancerous, you would have eliminated that risk factor....and then regular screenings would follow for the remainder of your life.....anywhere from 1-3 years until you no longer show any polyps.

The hardest part of the colonoscopy is the PREP.  You have to completely flush the bowel out and so you drink this salty type prep that will make you do this....(many preps out there)...although the Colyte or Go-lytely types really and truly clean and flush you out.

And you want the camera to be able to maneuver all up inside you so they can look at everything. 

You'll be given a sedative of Versed and Fentanyl, which will relax you and put you out.....you'll wake up and wonder when they are going to be ready!  And they are already done!

And they should be able to give you some kind of initial idea before you leave the facility (generally in recovery).

Don't be scared.....

If you're looking for good news, you've got it......the good news is that if it is anything, then you have jumped on it early on, which always gives one the best chances.

Let's worry after we find out what we're looking at.

Best wishes and have a good w/end.....

I've had cancer 3x and getting close to 9-years from the diagnosis, so the possibilities are endless.....

Take good care!

BTW, your screen name got me to thinking about the Duck Commander show:)

The father always goes around saying....."Happy - Happy - Happy"



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