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need some positive thoughs

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Joined: May 2013

Just got a message from dr. office my appointment for tomorrow has been canceled dr. want me to have CT this appointment was going to be my first three month with dr. after doing 12 rounds of 5fu. and dr. office was closed when i tried calling  now i'm real worried. did blood test show bad or what ? any thoughs

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Sometimes they want additional tests to confirm results on blood work, but my doctor wanted extra blood work after my WBC/RBC were still low after a couple years.  It could be just to rule out things, but not necessarily bad.  It's so frustrating and scary so try again tomorrow to call, but try not to let your mind wander - it's so hard to do though as I'm a worrier by nature.  Don't be alarmed right now, it could be just a precaution test.  Hope all is well.


Debra12's picture
Posts: 11
Joined: May 2013

thank you i will do my best not to worry LOL right. Hope everything is going good for you I don't get on here much but do think of all a lot

Lovekitties's picture
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If I understand correctly, the dr appointment was canceled because they want you to have a CT scan first.

It is not unusual to want the scan after "x" number of treatments to see the status of any tumors which were previously visible.

Hang in there,

Marie who loves kitties

steveandnat's picture
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Joined: Sep 2011

To early to panic. I might be a little puzzled but they probably need more info. Pray everything is good. Jeff

geotina's picture
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I don't think they realize how they scare patients with those type of phone calls and cause unnecessary worry and confusion.  Blood tests, well, they go up and down all the time.  Maybe he just wants the whole picture before he meets with you to determine where to go forward.  Try not to worry too much, it does happen all the time. 


Take care - Tina

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