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Is Radiation And Chemo Worth It? (Glioblastoma Multiforme IV)

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I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV on April 30, 2013. They did surgery and removed as much as they possibly could without damaging vital tissues as the roots were spreading deep within the brain. The next suggested path is radiation and chemo for 6 weeks. After doing quite a bit of research, I'm second guessing whether it is worth going through radiation and chemo. I'm aware that this type of tumor spreads and grows very fast however, the side effects of the two treatments has brought up a great deal of nervousness. Here is an article that focuses on the impact of Radiation and chemo; it actually identifies the two as favouring an increase in Cancer cells! The article suggests that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet can be far more beneficial than radiation and chemo.


Should I still go for radiation and chemotherapy or should I put it on hold for a bit and try the more organic alternative method of changing my diet and lifestyle? Any comments/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! We will fight this together. God bless.

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Ben williams before you make any decision, google his name + GBM


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Thank you for the comment.....very interesting stuff. Greatly appreciate it...long read but while worth it. PS I started radiation and chemo 2 days ago....had nausea on the first day (vomitted twice) but nothing the second. Doing a lot of shopping at the organic store including the infamous wheatgrass.

PLEASE feel free to leave more comments/posts/advice....looking to get as much information as I can. Thank you and may God bless you all. 

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Sticking with the radio/chemo. Carrot juice is good for the nausea. Good luck.

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I was diagnosed 12/31/2012, so I'm a few months ahead of you. I completed my chemo & RTMarch 26th. Other than fatigue, I've had no side affects. never even needed the anti-nausea meds.


Ask your doc to have your tumor MGMT tested. If it's methylated, the rt & temodar will be much more effective. Diet should be considered part of your treatment. Diet alone will not stop GBM.



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Besides the first day (nausea & vomitting), I've only felt fatigue as well! I will definetely ask about the MGMT test. We are continuing with the radiation and chemo (6 days complete). Eating many organic veggies and fruits + wheatgrass juice. Praying everyday.....may God bless us all.


PLEASE keep commenting...all thoughts are greatly appreciated....we'll fight this together. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to post below. God Bless.

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Yep I've been drinking carrot juice! Thank you for your comment. God bless.

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Hi Sanjnir, Very sorry to hear about your disease. GBM is a very bad and unpredictable type of tumor. I can understand the stress and confusion you are going through regarding going for chemo and radiation. My uncle went through the same stress and trauma when he was diagnosed with GBM about 3 yrs back. He underwent surgery followed by chemo and radiation but few months later the tumor recurred back and he was given almost no hope of survival. He had side effects after taking radiation and chemo and it didn't benefit him much. He went for a new alternate treatment " SPMF " and benefitted from it. His symptoms slowly decreased and over a period of time he came back to normality. Its been 3 yrs and my uncle is doing well and attending office.

Even after taking chemo and radiation the prognosis is not very good. This SPMF treatment has given a new hope to GBM patients, survival period has increased as it has done for my uncle. I think you should go for this treatment as it will help you in fighting cancer. You can visit the wbsite and links for more details.


links :





Hope it helps you....... Good Luck


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