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Hi Mayes it is FRIDAY any interesting plan for the weekend ?

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Joined: Aug 2010

Not very much here this week! Just resign at home and probably lunch on Sunday with the whole family!
What about you mates?

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Joined: Mar 2013

Monday my daughter will be 23..... Special day ! She has been my constant companion and shopper, because I can't drive with my neuropathy. Celebration at my sisters house with the whole family and close friends. We are giving her a pink kayak(which she has been wanting) and a pink life jacket. My sister is giving her a pink fishing pole and 4 brothers a tackle box and accessories. It will be fun to have her own things at our family lake house. 

Pepe...have a nice lunch on Sunday....hope you are feeling ok

Thinking of all those who are not with us anymore and their families

Remembering Kim's son and all of those in the Military, who have served both past and present

Thinking of all of you on this memorable weekend....~ Ann

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I am doing the community garden again this year (along with almost 100 gardeners).  Everyone has their own plot.  Anyway, I am planting my plot this weekend.  Included are:  tomatoes, orange bell peppers, chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, carrots, yellow, green and purple beans, buttercup squash, zuchini squash, yellow squash, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots and of course flowers for cutting.  Lots of work and really tired tonight but it is a good tired.  Will finish planting tomorrow.  Not sure what I will do with all the stuff but the neighbors will be well stocked this summer!  The city provides the land, water, compost and wood chips  and marks it off then you go at it and plant whatever you want.  It is wonderful and fellow gardeners are so nice and kind so I find it very enjoyable.   Each plot is 25' x 25' and you can have more than one if you want.  This is my third year.

Wishing you the best -


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Joined: Aug 2012

Celebrated our 22nd anniversary today...nice quiet dinner out without the kids! The oldest reminded me that I've been married half my life. Rainy day tomorrow...might do some shopping. Monday will be the parade and then? ?

Sounds like a great garden Tina..wish I was your neighbor :)

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Joined: Sep 2012

Happy Anniversary, Jen. Hope you have a great weekend. You guys deserve it!


Cathleen Mary
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Joined: May 2011


My neice, an oncology nurse at MGH, and a big support to me, was married on Saturday. Loads of fun. Tomorrow, is my birthday and since I have an identical twin sister we'll get together today for a nice lunch. I love long weekends.

Hope everyone feeling well enough to enjoy at least a piece of the weekend.

Cathleen Mary

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I like how your family always has Sunday dinner together, Pepe.  That's a nice tradition.

We went away for a couple of days, as it was my birthday on Saturday (made it to 47-woot!).  Rented a little cabin on the beach, drank Bombay Sapphire gin (a gift from one of my sisters), played Clue with the kids, and had the pleasure of listening to actual albums on an old phonograph.  Nothing quite like a little Billie Holliday on the hi-fi.

Happy birthday, wedding day, and gardening day to those who have been enjoying those activities!

Now on Monday it's back to gloomy and rainy, and I'm still in my pajamas at 11 AM.

Hugs to all~AA

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