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My husband was diagnosed in November 2009.  He immediately went into chemo and radiation.  They got rid of it for a year and a half, and now it is back with a vengence.  Reading this blog this morning, I noticed someone said that Cyberknife saved his life with taxotere.  Well our Pastor takes my husband to his chemo treatments and brought this up to the oncologist... that is what he has already had done.

I guess I'm looking for any alternative treatments that may work and/or anything to get him out of pain.  He is in crippling pain.  He takes enough narcotics to put down an elephant, and still has massive pain.  He also developed Horner's Syndrome a few months back.

Anything that has worked for you or someone you know, please share. 

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Please contact your hospital and find out if there are Palliative Care practitioners.  Please note this is NOT the same as hospice.  Do you live near one of the National Cancer Center affiliates?  Often they are up on new procedures than some smaller Cancer centers and they also offer clinical trials.  Get a second opinion at one of them.  It is possible to radiate mass more than once if one of them is gamma knife and the other traditional radiation.   


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