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Ending Swallowing Therapy

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Hey guys and gals,

Today at therapy my therapist Lena said that i have reached all her goals and there is nothing more she can bring to the table.  I am afraid to cut the strings though.  I always try harder stuff with her and feel safer when shes there.  She is on vacation next week and was already scheduled for week of 30th so i said how about i come then and see how i did while she was away,  but i think i am trying to prolong the envitable and need to cut the string and go at it on my own now with the help of all of you.  I dont know,  what do you all think?




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Be thankful for those 2 strong feet cause you are going to have to stand on them sooner or later. I felt the same when in-home health care stopped coming following my surgery and again when my neck massage therapy stopped. With what you have been through, you can do this!

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This is a little outside of my comfort zone, but you get a good camera on your computer and I’ll watch (help) you swallow while you eat. It sounds like I’ll have few weeks to bone-up before we go live, so it is doable (LOL).

It is good she encouraged you and that you have done well.  I felt a bit lost when my rad onc cut me loose, but like you we must move on. You know opinions abound here at H&Ncentral so you shouldn’t feel lost for long.

Now go practice your swallowing


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Posts: 435
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Thanks hwt and Matt, 

so what time do i call Matt? Lol. I know guys i have to go it alone!


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Ingrid K
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little bites.....just take little bites.  If she thinks you are ready for your solo, then I am certain you are going to do just fine.

When I started eating real food again, I used a baby spoon to force me to take little bites.

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