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CD47 antibody

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This looks very promising. Set to start human trials next year. you can also read about it on the Stanford University website where the CD47 was discovered and the antibody is being developed. I have read a lot about it over the past month and I am very encouraged except for the slow clinical trial process.‎

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I saw something on the news like this last night. They were mainly discussing melanoma but it was the same principle. They called it immunotherapy and they were using it on humans. It was the 630 news on abc 

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I bumped this back up so everyone can read it. Very encouraging to me.

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Very interesting and encouraging. Thanks for sharing it with the group.


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Great article. I didn't read that one. This is real promising. I just hope too much time isn't lost in the clinicle trials and that it is just as effective in the human body as it is in a mouse.

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