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Reduce the sugar

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After learning about how processed and refined foods are today, I am starting to believe what I've read about cancer causing foods. I'm going back to basics, meat and vegetables. Purchasing foods w/the smallest amount of ingredients aka natural. Too many preservatives, sugars and just plain bad food choices that don't belong in our bodies.

~Diet sodas contain aspertane, which turns into farmyldihide in the sun.

~Pan sprays contain silicone--What?!

~Rice and flour are bleached which removes needed nutrients. Then, additives are meant to resupply nutrients.

Healthy eating during the week and a treat on the weekend. Of course, I'm a chocoholic and plan to consume as much as possible...dark chocolate!

Bon appetite!

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Great insight!!  A great book to read if haven't already -- Anti-Cancer, David Servan-Schreiber.  He tells it like it should be to get past any cancer again.  Basically eat foods  close to nature, so any junk, sugars, commercial raised meats, farm-raised fish, are OUT OF DIET ENTIRELY!!!

I've been tweeking my new-found healthy eating since diagnosis in '09.


Good health to all~


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I too have finally switched my way of eating.  I choose to go plant based.  This means no meat, fish, dairy or oils.  What you can eat are vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  Once I started, I began to crave all these foods.  My cholesterol dropped 38 points right away.  I can't wait to see the numbers in 4 more months.  I buy very little packaged foods.  Once I started to read food labels, it became very alarming!

I figured I can't stop the LT Effects from the rads and chemo I had but I can stop adding to any potential problems by what food I consume. 

Diet changes are very personal and I think one of the hardest things to do so I'm just trying to share in case someone is leaning towards a diet change.  I'm reading The China Study and follow "The Happy Herbivore" on FB and her website.  She has many easy recipes if you need them.  Engine 2 has a giant following now. From what I understand these are Fireman who went plant based and shared their success stories with books and cookbooks.  Another popular documentary and book is "Forks over Knives".  I haven't watched it yet but I think it may explore what is going into our meats and foods and probably addresses ethics too. 

Good Luck Everyone!


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Just wanted to add that "Forks over Knives" has a cookbook out by the same name and the recipes look pretty easy to prepare and really good.

You can see the documentary online. It was very interesting and eye opening. I myself am not vegetarian at this point in time though I do eat vegetarian meals several times a week, have cut out any meat that walks on all fours, limit fats, sugar and salt, and I stay away from the processed/prepackaged stuff. Thank goodness for nuts, my favorite snack food.

CathyP: I too felt I didn't need to invite any additional problems, our LT issues are more then enough.




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Phoenix, I'm with you.  Recent research indicates that the Paleo diet is the diet we are most adapted to thrive on, Paleo being vegetables, meat (properly raised), healthy fats and nuts.  I've seen so many examples of how this diet prevents or helps reverse cancer.  The ketogenic diet, even lower carbs, is being used in brain, liver and other cancers to quickly eliminate the tumors. 

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I read (most of) the China Study after being diagnosed stage IV and immediately gave up meat & dairy and started juicing wheatgrass. Still doing it 12 months on for the most part, it's got me into 'borrowed time', but I'm getting just a little sceptical about some of the F&K mouthpiece's contributions.  For example - some of the raw foodies advocate supplements.  I even attended a talk from one who had a table full of tablets & powders for sale.  How can you, on the one hand, argue for fresh, local, organic, raw veg  .... and then claim some benefit form little dry powdery pills.  Is there anything in the world more processed than an iron supplement, for example??? And don't get me started on Gerson's coffee up the a.....

Having said all that ... I've bought into Linus Paulings Vitamin C argument.  Taking 10g lyposhperic C per day ... about 30 times the RDA.  Pluis some selenium. Well, we have to latch onto something, don't we.

Strongly agree about the sugars even if it is my own achille's heel (bran muffins & coffee).  I wish the dark chocolate didn't have so much sugar ...

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