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I rang the bell

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I had my last high dose chemo yesterday, hooked up to my 5FU until tomorrow. 

I had my CT scan and measurments today at the Radiation Oncologist and will start radiation/chem on June  3rd.  

All I want to see is the end of all of these treatments.  I worked it out that I have had 21 side effects with the Oxaliplaton Can't wait for some of those to disappear in the six to eight weeks they've told me.  Can't wait for the hair to grow back. 

I know there will be lots of scans, blood works and Doctors visits ahead of me, but to get past all of the treatment is very exciting. 

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Just kidding...it is nasty! I did 8 last year and it is still very vivid in my mind and body. You have been so supportive to others while going through so much yourself. Best of luck on the next phase...~ Ann

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Woo hoo! I used to make up names for it, with kickyourassaplatin being my favorite and most used.

yay!  glad you made it to the other side on this one




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Congratulations on finishing your chemo regimin!  I start mine today, so I've been watching your progress. Thanks for being a role model.

Good luck with the chemo radiation.  How many sessions do you have?  I had six weeks (chemo and 5FU).  It wasn't bad, except maybe the final week which was more concentrated (by design).  I wish you the best!


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I had six weeks (chemo and 5FU).  It wasn't bad,

Again, your words calm me.  I did go over all of my questions with the Rad Oncologost, and he told me percentages which made me feel even better.

Good luck with your first chemo today.  I find the dat of chemo to be fine..  I love to talk to the other patients in the chemo room, it make me feel good. 

Keep us posted on your  journey. 

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I know how exhausting treatment is.  It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you're getting there!  And with a little luck, once you're done, you can get back on the road to good health and forget about cancer (maybe flip it the bird in the rearview mirror as you drive away).  Hugs~AA

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Keep up the good work!! 

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