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My Cherokee Irishman Has Gone Home

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All My Friends,

With the help of the wonderful Hospice group, my Ron was transported to our home Saturday at 2:30 PM. Robert & I rode with him. It was expected that he would expire shortly afterward. However, he managed to hang on until 9:10 AM Sunday. There was no struggle, only my own. He woke as the vent was removed, opened his eyes & said "I am alive". But it was not to be. He returned to sleep immediately and was kept comfortable until his tired body said it was time to go. I believe he knew that we had brought him home. We played his favorite John Wayne movies, held his hands tightly, & talked to him all night. JBG woke & came into the room & cried saying "Please God, why don't you take him home." Ten minutes later he took his final breath. As I am not a person of strong faith as she is, it is very hard to wrap my mind around this, but she & Ron had a special bond, so who am I to question what happened?

I am numb. I know many of you have been here before and in time, we will get through this. I removed every nasty reminder of this terrible illness from my sight. I could not stand to look at all the meds & equipment. I'm hoping they'll get it out of my house tomorrow.

Even though I thought I knew this man so well, I did not realize he had had been saving small amounts of money to help us after he was gone, enough to put a down payment on his funeral. I found it with a small card I had purchased in the hospital gift shop & given to him him after he became so ill six months ago. I would like to share with you the words on this card:  I love you as you are. I love you as you will be. I love you because there's this little part of me(my heart)...that tells me that you and I were simply and always meant to be.

I cried when I found this card, for you see, that is what each of us felt for the other. I am proud to have been his wife for forty one years and he will always be in my heart.



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My heart goes out to you.  Remember the good memories, with your 41 years and your kind soul, I know you have so many, as you go through the coming days.

We are all with you in spirit dear lady.

Winter Marie

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My thoughts are with you and your family. I respect and admire your strength and devotion,


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I am so sorry for your loss.  Your husband loved you very much and I know there is a big hole in your heart right now.  Through you, his words were very touching.



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Dear Mama

I'm also terribly sorry for your loss and the community shares the pain of your loss and stands beside you during your time of need. Four decades plus of love and devotion speaks of the affection shared between you two - and that kind of 'real' is not always found by just everybody.

I know it was hard on J, but I'm still grateful that you all got to spend time together at a time when it mattered the most and you needed the family support.

I will be checking in on you, but don't want to intrude right now at a time like this...but, if you need to talk, then I certainly will listen:)

With a heavy heart...


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So sorry for your loss, you cared for him and loved him, letting him go was hard but knowing he know how you loved him I'm sure gave him a peace.  I hope you can find that peace as well.



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for you, JBG and the rest of your family.  Sending up prayers.



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I am so sorry for your loss.  He was very much loved..and I think he knew that.


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Wolfen, my heart breaks for you.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Prayers for you and your family.


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Dear Wolfen anf JBG, I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for strength and peace.



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