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Post from Majikproductions on Facebook

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This is a post from Majikproductions (Justin) on Facebook. Can anyone give him some advice? He is from Port Richey, Florida.


He just found out that he is stage III.


From Justin Gerling where should i go to get a second opinion about my colon surgery the doc explained there may be some big risk like impotent for my whole life, have to use a catheter to empty my bladder i feel like the doc doesnt even give a shi*about me he is just treated me like another person not a patient
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I've been waiting to hear from Justin.

I hope he is seeing an Oncologist and not just his regular GP. 

I have not heard anyone mention impotence as a side efffect. Lets see what the men come up with, as I'm sure its one they've studied. 

I would use an internet seach for another Oncologist and definitely get a second opinion. He needs to be totally confident in his Onc. I was very blessed that my Surgeon picked an excelllent Oncologist who I and my husband have been very happy with. 

Justin definietely does not need to feel like he is one of the masses of paitents.  

I am stage 3A.  All is going well though I'm at the stage where I feel like crap. 

Tell Justin we're still here for him. 

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Tell him he deffinetly needs a second opinion,it sounds like the doctor doesn't want to be bothered.It sounds like the doctor is getting pretty radical with his opinions on the risk factors.I'm stage four,and don't have to wear a catheter.The doctor is not giving him the straight facts.He can probably find a good doctor on the internet.

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H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
Tampa, Florida
Thomas A. Sellers, PhD.
Director, Cancer Center & Research Institute
Executive Vice President
Moffitt Cancer Center

12902 Magnolia Drive
Tampa, Florida 33612
Main: (813) 745-4673 (813-745-HOPE)
New Patient/Physician Referral: 1-888-860-2778

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Please look up Jorge Marcet, Tampa General Hospital.  Excellent Teaching hospital.  Dr. Marcet is known nationally.  He has performed a J loop on my friend who is doing great and this was about 10 years ago.  I had seen Dr. Marcet for anal cancer and because its a teaching hospital there are many fellows who will be in on your case for training purposes.  A second opinion with Dr. Marcet would be the best second opinion.

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hey thanks for the advice i am going to contact all those people on monday the doctor i am seeing to do the surgory is Dr. Eric Borock he really didnt seem like he cared much in the way of how i feel about this he just wants to get me done and out of the way

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YES! YES! YES!  you do not want a Doctor who only sees you as a pay check. This Doctor od yours does not seem to care for you at all.

There are GOOD Doctors out there. Caring, professional, that will make you feel like your his/her only patient. Thats what you need. 

I will pray that you find one of those Doctor's, Jason. 

We're all here for you in thought and prayer. 


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