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rectal pain....any ideas to alleviate

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Any ideas that would help reduce rectal pain.Dad is unable to sit or sleep because of the pain in the left butt,exactly where the tumor now is located...

it went off completely during chemo but not that he is on chemo break to be evaluated for surgery the pain is unbearable


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Mine used to throb so bad that it also would keep me awake and keep me from sitting.  Two things, one is a sitz bath.  If the hospital hasn't already given you one, you can get one at CVS or any drug store, maybe even Walmart.  Also my doctor prescribed Protofoam.  It is a steroid foam that you insert up the rectum and although it doesn't take all the pain away it can make it somewhat bearable.  Hope he feels better soon.


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My doctor gave me lidocain for the pain,it lasts for a couple of hours.I would just put it on my butt.I had to make a cushion out of foam to sit on,and it helped for a while.Good luck.

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I took warm baths and soaked for awhile. Also would carry around a doughnut cushion to sit on. I also took pain killers to take the edge off. Pray the pain goes away.  Jeff

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the inflammation and pain seemed to go away with pain killers...but later he started passing some mucous and stool from rectum that was closed 5 years ago..in hospital right now...but wanted to thank you all for the advice...it really helped...


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I found two things that helped. A really hot bath and high dose vitamin C IV. The pain in my primary tumour would go away within 10 minutes of starting the IV and I was usually pain free for the rest of the day.

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Sorry he ended up in the hospital.....will be thinking of you both...~ Ann

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he has has a surgery for hsi perforation in small intestine(avastin??)...and is now doing good...thank you all for your advice and support!

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If not contraindicated Ibuprofen works great. I take 600mg twice a day.

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You may not be aware, but taking Ibuprofen is not good for your liver at all.   So taking 1200mg a day could cause you some serious trouble in the future.

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