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I am having my first colonoscopy since surgery. Diagnosed 4/11/2012, chemoradiation, surgery June, chemo Folfox July- December. I have had clear scans since, but now I am having trouble again with my BM's. I have urgency but not much comes out and I have frequency - 20 - 30 times a day. Has anyone had rectal cancer that has come back after surgery and less than a year? Has anyone had polyps after a year. I have been dreading the prep but not thinking any cancer this fast, but could it be possible? Now I am getting colonanxiety!!!!!!
Sandy :)

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Good luck Sandy. Soon you will know if there is anything to worry about.


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Hi Sandy - my fingers are crossed that you get good news.  Sorry you have to go through the prep, but hope there is good news in the end (no pun intended :))  Hang in there and let us know.

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Nobody likes to get the scope so I'm hoping the prep went well and the scope is perfect.


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I too had rectal cancer.  My first and only colonoscopy so far after surgery and treatment was clear, no polyps and no recurrence at resection (the main point of a colonoscopy after rectal cancer).  I hope you have the same news!  I do still have frequency and urgency issues 3 and half years out - but I'll take it over the alternative and the frequency/urgency has lessened.  Best wishes to you Sandy, Vita  

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to me.  Pretty common problem after intestinal surgery.  I have it from time to time (it , but mine doesn't go on non-stop.  Usually a problem for a week or so, then it improves again (although never normal).  I'm not sure what they suggest to treat this, although I think I saw a thread on the Colon Club about it.  I didn't read it, but you might want to check it out.  Certainly cancer can "come back" within a year (or more likely it was there from the beginning, just not visible yet), but this sounds like it might be due to other issues.   Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all is well!  Keep us posted~AA

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I asked my GI doc how fast a cancer can grow, as I was really constipated and you all know how that can scare you silly.

He told me that it can take years to grow back. 

What I try to do when I am stressing a test is to tell myself, if there is cancer there I will find out on 'Friday' (just picking a day), and that fretting over it is not going to make it go away. 

I know, not easy to do, but stressing is so exhausing, I wish you can just relax and wait for the results. 

We're with you in our thoughts. Good luck.

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Double post

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I know I made it sound like it was today, but actually it is Wednesday, may 8th. I just hate worrying all weekend, I'm just not a patient person at all. I feel like my BM are like before I was diagnosed, small amount and some straining. I'm not hungry, but I always eat because it is time to eat, so no weight loss, just like last year. It's going to be a rough few days of stressing.
Thanks for all your responses, I hope you're right Ann.
Sandy :)

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I'm about 6 months ahead of you on this journey.  I've had the exact same issue with frequency.  For me, it's not a sign of cancer, but a "side effect" of the surgery.  I've been using methyl cellulose laxitives (citrucel) 2 pills 2x per day. It's dropped the frequency and urges a lot.  I take it with simethycone (Gas X) to minimize gas.  Urges to go are down and when I go, they are usually productive.  


I was stage 3 when found with a routine colonoscopy.  From what I understand it's pretty rare for it to be found again that way.  Your odds are good!


Hanng in there!  It gets easier as time goes by. 



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I'm coming up on my second colonoscopy in July.  Last year, at my first one since diagnosis, surgery and treatment, I had a polyp but it was not cancerous.  Try not to worry too much...easier said than done :)  I still have bathroom isues.  I'm dreading the prep, me and 64 ounces of miralaxed spiked gatorade really don't like each other :)  Hope you have a non eventful scopy.

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