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All My Wonderful Friends

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Hubby was more alert today & understands at least part of what is going on. He is so frustrated at not being able to speak with the ventilator. I tried pen & paper, but writing is not good. Robert can interpret what he wants much better than I. He understands that JBG is on her way.

The Nephrologist put him on 24 hr. dialysis hoping to remove the toxicity from his blood. They're trying to lower the dosage of the blood pressure med as it's putting his body in shock.

We now gown & glove up to visit until the infection is identified. I will make sure that JBG wears a mask also.

I know your prayers are working.



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Been thinking about you and your family all day....sounds like there is some improvement. Prayers are still coming..~ Ann

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I am still thinking about you guys.  Good news to hear that he is more alert.  Hopefully, they can get the infection sorted out today...and get him of of that ventilator soon.


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Thanks for taking the time to update - I've been thinking of you guys. Poor man needs a break already - you all do.  Hang in there and know there are people around the world thinking of you and praying for you.

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I'm so glad he's more alert, even if frustrated!  You know we're all out here thinking of your family and still sending every positive wave thought towards you all.  I hope you find the ability to get some good sleep rift in there somewhere.

hugs and luv,

Winter Marie

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i came on as i heard, praying for him as well.

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We will keep our thoughts and prayers coming.  We are glad to hear that your husband is getting better. Positive news is good news.


Best Always,  mike

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We have another friend in hospital...in The Netherlands.  So, I'm on high alert for all of you!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Wolfen, glad to hear that hubby is more alert - it must be horribly frustrating to him to have the ventilator and be unable to speak. You could try getting a large tablet or something and write some phrases on it that he can point to, to possibly tell you what he is thinking.

It could say things like this:

"I am in pain."   Under that, words like "head, chest, stomach, arms, legs, throat" that he could point to.

"I can't breathe." Even on a ventilator, he may feel this way, may need suctioning between times the nurse checks for this.

"I feel nervous."

"I have an upset stomach."

"I need a bedpan." Under that, "pee" and "poop"

"I want to get up." Don't know if they are getting him into a chair or not, would be good if they could - for breathing purposes.

"Where is family member?" Under that, names of family members/friends.

"What is going on?"

"I love you."

"Are you okay?" because remember, even though he is sick, he is probably like any parent/spouse/loved one, worried about everybody else too.

"I am worried." Under that, "pet," "house," "bills," etc.

"I need to talk to the social worker" - might want to make wishes known, if has not done so. Probably not appropriate if he is sedated, but might be something on his mind that he wants to express.

That's about all I can think of right now. My mom was on a ventilator but conscious at the end of her life and we had to do things like this. She tried to write notes but we could not read them. Frustrating for all, heartbreaking. Maybe others here can think of other things he might want to ask or say. Thinking of you.


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Can understand why he would be so frustrated.  My prayers are with you both.


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Sounds like he is getting better.  SO glad. I was thinking about you guys.  I will keep the prayers coming your way.

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I'm glad he's doing better,I will be praying for a recovery.Keep us posted.

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