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Asking For Prayers Please

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I write this message on the hospital computer which the nurse brought me.

My husband has taken a turn for the worse & is in ICU. He was okay at 10 AM & when I arrived at noon, he had been moved. They think he vomited & aspirated, so he has been intubated. He is semi-conscious as his heart works at 10% and the machine breathes for him. The doctor said JBG should come, so she & her husband are driving from Kentucky. I hate so for her to be put through this as she is not 100% herself, as you know.

Please pray for a safe journey for them & for my husband.



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For their safe arrival, for your hubby's recovery, and for you, my love!

Hugs, Kathi

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and sending strength.

A hug from Germany




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many others praying and hoping that your family arrives safely and that your husband improves ... If this should be his time, may he pass peacefully. Hugging you. ~ Cynthia

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My thoughts are with you both

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My best wishes to you and all of your family....Ron

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Good luck!

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Praying things turn around fast for your husband. He has been through so much. He is a fighter and he has a lot of people praying for him and for you. This cancer stuff stinks.  Jeff

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Prayers for strength and peace. I haven't posted in awhile, but I still check in to see how everyone is doing.


There are no words, just know I am sending out love to you and yours.

Hugs, dear Wolfen,













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My prayers are going out to you and your family.   I ill be praying for you

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You're whole family are in my thoughts and prayers.


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My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Hope everything goes well.   Safe journey to all.


all the best


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Im sorry wolfen...many prayers and hugs!

Cathleen Mary
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Thought, prayers, hugs,  Wolfen. You and your family have been through so much. Know that prayers are with your family during this difficult time. 


Cathleen Mary

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yes indeed Dear Wolfen your family has been truly tested.....I send love and prayers and a very special hug for JBG when she arrives

thoughts are with you,


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I'm so sorry to hear this dear, I wish that I could help you in some way....  My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

My arms are wrapped around you ((())).



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You know how much I wanted you and hubby and JGB to get together as a family this past year:)

I wish it were under better circumstances, but remain grateful that everyone will have the opportunity to spend time and be with one another.  Reinforcements couldn't be arriving at a better time for any of you - especially you.  You need a Pick-Me-Up...and JBG will be tailor made for you:)

Hugs for you and your family during this most trying time!

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Prayers are on the way for their safe journey and your husband's health.  Also praying for you that you have the strength to deal with all that is going on right now.


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Praying for you and your husband and a safe journey for JBG and her husband. So sorry you are going through so much but having your daughter there will be good for you. You are so strong and have been there for so many of us, I hope you feel our concern and strength for you. Thinking of all of you at this hard time and wishing the best results possible....~Ann

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my prayers r with u and your family



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Thinking of you. Hoping for a safe journey for your daughter.

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I am so sorry to hear that things have taken a turn for the worst.

My prayers are on the way for you and all the family at this most difficult time.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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I am so sorry about this turn of events. My heart just breaks for you. Prayers for all of you, for sure. I've been where you are and I remember. Just let the medical people take care of hubby and you just be his wife, just relax and love him and be there for him. You don't have to do anything else. Just breathe. I hope and pray this situation will turn around, and that your husband is peaceful and comfortable throughout, whatever the outcome. We are all here for you. Your family has been through so much. I just feel totally helpless and wish I could do something, as I'm sure everybody else does. Thinking of all of you.


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Including you in my prayers Tonight. Lots of strength to you and your Family! 

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So sorry about your news.  You will be in my prayers.

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I'll be sending lots of prayers,I am sorry to hear the bad news.

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and sending strength and hopes for healing your way.  Love to all~AA

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God bless you all.  my bride of 41 years is just out of HIPEC on April 5, a 22 hr marathon surgery.  great news is they got 98% of tumors and zapped the rest. she is having the usual challenges: diarrea, nausea, bathroom issues, etc.  but better each day.  she is a fighter, this is cancer numb er two (double masectomy in 10)  we will pray for you.

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I am praying you your husband and JBG.

Posts: 199
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I am sending you strength, hope, and love.


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O my goodness, I checked in and saw your post. So sorry, ofcourse my prayers go out to you and the family, praying also for a safe journey for jbg and husband. I also send strength, although you have so much of it, but now you need a little extra.

Much love and thoughts and hugs,


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Every plea I can send to the spirits that be has been and continue to be sent for you and yours.  I have an arm around your shoulder as best I can from this distance.  My heart goes out to you.

hugs and luv,

Winter Marie

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Love, Leslie

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Thinking of you and your family....hugs across the miles.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I know the difficult decisions and situation you are facing.  I am so very sorry.  May JBG have a safe journey to be with you.  Hold his hand, talk to him, he knows you are there. 

Take care my friend.  Thinking of you and your family and praying for all of you.

Hugs - Tina

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Prayers of peace and comfort for all of you, as well as, peaceful complete healing for your DH...Art

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for your family. 

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I will pray for your family.  Try to get some rest when he sleeps...you need to keep your strength up.



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We are sending our thoughts and prayers.  We are so sorry to hear that your husband is having a difficult time.


Keep in touch.

Best Always,  mike

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