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Diabetic father starting Zytiga

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My dad has been dealing with prostate & bladder cancer for about 3 years now.  Prostate removed and bladder (has external bladder )  His PSA levels have never been "typical" but the prostate cancer has spread to his bones and the Zometa/Lupron doesn't seem to be helping.  They are starting him on Zytiga next week.  I'm curiuos if anyone has had any experience with this drug in conjuction with Type II Diabetes along with HBP and history of kidney issues. 

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I am sorry for your dad’s case. I have no experience with the drug but a survivor in this forum named Ralph is taking Zytiga while being a diabetes patient. You can read about his experiences in these links;



Here is a link about Zytiga;


Zytiga is usually taken with the anti inflammatory drug Prednisone to avoid gastro and liver problems. It is a drug that needs some constant vigilance. Follow the progress with lipids tests and try avoiding anemia.



I hope you get some comments from other survivours.
Wishing luck to your dad.


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After 15 months of Zytiga and my psa0.8, I have had Diabetes II for 10 to 12 years, as VGama said they will check your blood every 4-6 weeks for psa, but more important is your liver function. I have had some Gastro problems, but it was due to eating the wrong foods. My biggest problem is joint pain,hips jaws ETC.

The most important thing to do is before you take Zytiga, wait 2 hour after eating before you take Zytiga and 1hour after you take it before eating. It is best to take it at the same time EACH DAY.

I have found that eating first and taking all your med's with 0.5 mg Prednisone. Then wait 2 hours and take Zytiga 4-250 mg.

Good luck


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