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How about funny time

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I found this online it made me cry Laughing. My girl friend did not find it funny. 

"When all my hair fell out, I woke up to my husband staring at my head with a frightened expression on his face. “I think you better look in the mirror,” he said. I leapt out of bed, ran to the dressing table mirror and burst out laughing when I saw the big 666 he had painted on my head!" 

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ok so laughter is great medicine for the human spirit....I wore my pink boxing gloves to my first chemo treatment today, I am ready for this battle!!!

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Joined: Feb 2013

Had to post this her made me Giggle. 

"Carie-de viriginized chemo as of today"


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Okay, I've told this story before but it's still funny.  

I have a fairly hairy chest and prided myself in having pretty decent, defined pecs though I've never been a gym rat.  About half way through my chemo, I lost most of my hair (everywhere) and was very shocked to look in the mirror and realize I had "man boobs".  Well, the hair has grown back and the "disguise" is back in force.  So, now it's our little secret Wink.

Laughter is good - Hugs.


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Hi Joemory21,

I had written a post to you yesterday night but misteriously dissapeared??? Well I was just wondering how you were doing after your third chemo? You're half way there...oh and about your joke I thought it was funny lol :D

take care



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I'm doing good. My white blood counts got down to 1.2 so they put off chemo number 3 for a week. I have a total of 8 treatments every two week so I'm almost to half way with a pet scan coming up after my next chemo. 


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I learned a lot about being bald when it all fell out during my chemo. It gets dry up there! I had to use moisturizer. And I had to be careful not to get sunburnt. Then when it got cooler, my head felt a lot colder. I didn't realize how much my hair "insulated" my head from the cold. With me the only two good things hair wise were 1)they make nice wigs and 2) being a gal I didn't have to shave the pits. Embarassed

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My hair is starting to grow back in. I was looking in the mirror today and wishing it would grow back as fast as it fell out. Laughing

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My granddaughter used to sneak up behind me and pull a few hairs from my head and say "I just need some DNA" and then laugh. I got even with her. About 2 weeks after my first chemo I would grab a big clump of hair from my head and pull it out and hand it to her and say "DNA?".  I didn't know her eyes could get that big.

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