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Biopsy experience

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Hey Guys,

    Disclaimer: preaching to the choir.........Ok, yesterday I had my first 12 core biopsy.....ultasound guided. Local anesthetic injection not too bad.   First four cores not too bad....next four started to hurt and last three were downright painful.


   I don't think the local was wearing off, so is it possible the pain is just additive with each core taken ? Also, I'm no neurologist but the pain was also referred down my penis on the same side as the one being sampled in the prostate. Anyone else have this experience ?


   Twilight/ IV sedation is now used for breast biopsy, wisdom tooth extraction, colonoscopy, etc. Why not Prostate biopsy ??  I see why many men refuse a second biopsy, even when it is necessary.


Rant over,


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i chose to go to the closest hospital and have a general anesthetic...it takes a little longer...being admitted and all..the procedure itself only takes about 15-20 minutes. you get a needle for the iv but after that no pain.....i think this is definitely the way to go.....

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Hey, I had mine done yesterday, too!!!   The whole process took about 90 minutes, including pre-op, dressing, inserting IV, and waiting for recovery.  Had a problem with IV as the vein kept collapsing, and they had to go in 4 times.  Doc  said it was because I had been taking Aspirin daily to avoid stroke, and to stop the aspirin.  I got the Michael Jackson sleeping pill, had no pain or side effects at all.  It was really a piece of cake.  

     This was done at a hospital here in Davao, Philippines.  I had my doc, anaesthetist, and two technicians in atendance.  The OR had all the top line equipment for the surgery.  The price all in was $500, including the lab for 12 biopsys.  I have  lot of concern with a PSA of 100 and bone mastastases already.  I told my doc I was hoping that I might have 2 more years, and he reassured me that I could have a lot longer, maybe.  However the survival rate for 5 years in cases like mine is only 28%.  Survival rates are difficult to assess because one does not know how many patients had other mitigating factors like diet, Diabetes, heart problem, high blood, and general physical condition.  

     It takes  7-10 days to get the results.  I have already prepared myself to be facing Gleason's of 8 to 9.  I want to thank all for sharing.  This is a very difficult process to go thru, especially for those who love us.  I tell my wife everything very candidly, and we are really relishing our time together now.  We spend as much time together as possible, and we are making the most of every second of life.  I do not know what the future brings, I only have the present moment and I am not going to lose that by worrying about events I have little control over.  In the meantime, I am in the gym 2 hours a day five days a week.  The exercise lets me sleep at night, keeps Depression away and my body in shape, and, I think, helps my bones to be strong.  I will do everything possible to give myself the best chance possible.  Much love to you all, swami

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I had it twice, the darn thing hurt both times.  Last time I asked if he could just shoot the last 6 in all at once and get it over.....no luck ther.  Then you bleed, they don't tell you that so imagine my surprise, good thing i had black slacks on.  Good luck.  I've been clean 6 years PSA once a year.


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Mine was done 3+ years ago in the doctor's office. Just a "local" injection via the ultrasounf device - same as used for core samples I believe. Hurt like hell. In fact, 1st he was going to take 12, then settled for 10.

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