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Anyone else have trouble posting messages from an iPad?

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when I try to type if I backspace the message will freeze and then I must go to preview message to get it to unlock ... Also sometimes if I backspace the font type will change to very small.  Don't remember this being a problem before the site was upgraded ... Just curious. 

Cynthia trying to type on an iPad way too late at night.

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It's 4am...I hope I make sense! Yes, the dreaded iPad/CSN experience. What I do when that happens is to "disable-rich text" at the bottom of the textbox we write it. That brings you to the HTML code view. From there you can type away w/o it freezing BUT you must stay between the tags in the < bracket. It can be a bit of a pain but I know how to code so it's not that bad.

Just wondering, do you use a stylus? I found a site online that sometimes has ones like I've seen in stores for $10-$20 for $2-$3 with free shipping. The site is Meritline.com and they have Daily Deals, once a week or so you can find them on sale. I buy them by the dozen and hand them out to the nurses and also random people I see with iPads. We have some @work that has our logo and a retractable pen! We're cool there... 

Good Grief! Nine stylus for $2.99



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I am going to try several of the tricks here and I am definately going to order some of the stylus.  I got my 93 year old mother an iPhone but she has arthritis which makes the touch screen problematic.  I send her stylus (es?) all the time because she misplaces them :) Nine stylus for $2.99 is a great idea! -- Cynthia

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I usually only have problems when I am trying to start a post and have already spent 10 minutes typing!  What I have found is that it doesn't freeze up on me if I start a new post with just one or two words...post it...and then go right back and edit my post.


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I always use my iPad and I have these problems, as well.

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Have to hide keyboard then go back to where I want to change an auto-correct (instead of hitting preview which I think takes longer). Plus it doesn't give you a capital letter at the beginning of new paragraphs.

before the change over to new format, it worked great.  Oh well.

Winter Marie

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I agree with you about hiding the keyboard.  Before I figured it out, I would get frustrated and give up trying to post from the iPad.


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Smile Cynthia

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I type on my notepad and then copy and paste 


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Most of the troubles I used to have posting seem to be gone! It's a Festivus Miracle!!!

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.won daPi ym no ginpyt .melborp a dah t'nevah I



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Nana b
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I had the same problem but I messed with font and now no problems.??

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