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Asking for best wishes

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It may be unlucky, but I am asking for wishes, prayers, whatever for a NED for me.  I have metastatic sarcomitoid RCC.  RCC found May 1, 2012, Nephrectomy 6/19.  Six month scans showed solitary lung met, which was removed 2/5.  PET and CT yesterday, bone scan today followed by Dr. Appointment.

I have never received a NED, but hoping for the first time.  If not a NED, then something they can easily cut out.  

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Wishing all for you that you wish for yourself.  Hoping to hear that good news soon.

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Hi dhs

Don't even consider it to be unlucky to ask, you are reaching out for a connection with someone. I do wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. I will watch out for your next posting to see how you got on.


All the best,



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Wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts are joined with crossed fingers and toes. Anxiously awaiting good news DHS!!! NED - NED - NED!!!

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Prayer said!  Best of luck to you.  Waiting to hear the good news.

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Good luck!

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In our state, you would be Department of Human Services.  And I'm sending all the human best wishes I can to your department.


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I understand.  It is hard to explain to others not in our our position, but the people here ..........well we are pretty much in the same boat.  Best of luck from the suburbs of New York City.



dhs1963's picture
Posts: 513
Joined: May 2012

I am releaved to be NED.  The observed abnormalities were eather expected from the surgery or pre-existing issues.  Because of the agressiveness of the tumor, they will follow up in three months.  I have three months for which I can plan!

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Great news. Take the GTI out on some twisties! I'm very happy for you.


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you will love life in a way you never knew possible.

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Was going to wish you luck, then saw it worked already! Glad to hear it turned out well.



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That is fantastic news, it will only serve to spur you on for more of the same.

All the best,


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So, was it really because of all that bacon?

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Wishing all the best with your results.  Prayers do work and I will be praying.

I am alive
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Congratulations!  Now get out there and enjoy Every Single Day!!!! Sending positivity and prayers your way.Smile As that song from yesteryear goes, "Don't worry. Be happy." 

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Sorry I'm late on board but HAPPY NED!.........and FRED!.........and JED!.........

Share the karma dhs1963!

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Congrats on the Ned Dhs!!!

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May the NEDS keep coming.



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So Happy for you and your family...!!!!

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