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help please

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Had rectal/liver resction a year ago followed by 12 xelox and 6 avastin and xelox. Had few small lung nodules since diagnoses that grew some after oxali was stopped. They were still less then 1 cm. Had 2 thoracotomies recently and all nodules were taken out (they found more tiny ones 1-2 mm) Now question is what chemo to follow. Oncologist wants to save folfiri if something pops up (waiting on ct and mri results) and give me maybe again 5fu and avastin. I have been off of chemo for 3 months because of surgeries and very nervous. Any thoughts please?

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I've had good results with Erbitux and Irinotecan. It has shrunk many tumors that I've had in my lungs. I've also had good results with RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) These may be things you want to look in to.

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I just did SBRT radiation on lung met , but mine was bigger 1.2 cm and I have a few small ones that she will do,if they incease in size. . Meanwhile I am on xeloda. I couldn't do RFA because the met was on a blood vessel, but that is a good option, as Phil said. Just my experience......hope you find a good option.   ~Ann

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Another good option tha I have been reading about is a new technology called Nanoknife. Google it if you wish. It can supposedly be used in sensitive areas where even RFA cant be used without damaging any surrounding tissue.

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