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Devotion10- my apologies!

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Joined: Jun 2010

you may not know this but most of the people on the post from 2009 have passed on.  It

is usually painful for people to see their posts. That is why it is best to start discussion with a new date. You will probably get the same good information.

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Joined: Jan 2010

I think you might have missed something.  

Yes, I have been reading posts since 2008 and am sadly aware of all our departed friends. We are in complete agreement.

You are likely referring to the "Arthirits after Chemo" post ... if you look at the message thread ... this is what I posted there:


2009 and has conversations with some of our dear friends who have passed on.  Not that their conversations are not valuable ... but, it is typical to start a new post.  Thank you -- Cynthia


Posts: 1154
Joined: Jun 2010

I am sorry. I was just trying to help. 

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Posts: 631
Joined: Jan 2010

sounded sort of snippy ... did not mean it that way ... I understand your post was well-intentioned. I should not have responded on the fly.  

Best to you -- Cynthia Smile

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I wish there was a way to put that up when one first joins the forum. I know in the beginning I was looking for things pertaining to me, not necessarily looking at the dates at first.


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Could have done  without the info that most people from four years ago have passed on.Frown

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And cancer has nothing to do with it... Please don't let that discourage you


dx stage IV colon cancer Feb 2004

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