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My Friends,

Has anyone had a bad reaction to Ambien?

Hubby had second infusion of Erbitux on Monday, preceded by Neulasta and Claritan. He's hardly been sleeping at all, so given a script for Ambien(5 mg). He took 1 about 9PM Monday night, slept all day yesterday. Somehow he got up once last night and made it to the potty. He has been in and out of lucidity all day, restless sleeping, confusion, and can not stand up. No strength at all in arms or legs. He's taken a few sips of water, but drops the bottle. I have put a bottle of water into him thru the tube and am putting in a can of Glucerna 1.5 into him as he sleeps. Tried to urinate with me holding the urinal in a prone position, but very little happened. Wonder if his kidneys are shutting down again.

Called the MDA navigator and she said if not better, call 911. In his more lucid moments, he is very resistant to the idea of the hospital again.

Between a rock and a hard place, and don't know what to do.



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From my experience if your husband is dehydrated, he probably needs to go to the ER and get fluids. It doesn't necessarily mean he will be admitted. Dehydration makes everything worse......hope things get better for you....I will be thinking of both of you... ~ Ann

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I'd say a trip to the hospital to see if he's not dehydrated.  

I wish I could share more, but I can really only share my love and concern. 

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Hi Wolfen,

His symptoms appear much more extreme than anything Ambien could cause - especially only 5mg.  I take 5 to 10mg every night with no side effects at all.  Common allergies are rash, itching, hives, wheezing or trouble breathing, or unexplained swelling (especially of the throat, lips, or mouth).  You really might want to consider calling 911.

Take care, and post an update when you can.


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We are sending our thoughts and prayers.   


Best Always,  mike

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Wolfen, I am sorry you are going this.  A trip to the ER seems like the wise decision. Caring for yourself is important, too, and I bet you would be more comfortable with some help with this. Let us know how you make out. 

Cathleen Mary


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Doesn't sound like a normal reaction to me, might just be coincidence, I vote for emergency room.

love to you dear,

Winter Marie

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I was on 10mg for close to 6 months.  The only issues I had we're very weird dreams...where I woke up disoriented and 2 episodes of sleep walking.  I stopped taking the ambien about 3 weeks ago and now take a Tylenol PM if I need help to get to sleep.  I feel a lot more alert in the mornings now. My id say time to take a trip to the ER to see if he is dehydrated.



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Have used it after brain surgery but it didn't help me sleep.

I think you should get hubby to ED and sorry this is happening.
Hopefully, they will get you through promptly and he will need fluids and feel better.

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


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He needs the ER

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Yup, get him to the hospital. You can't handle this. You're not a nurse. Both of you will feel better once he's being looked after by medical professionals.


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Praying that you are at the ER and getting some resolution to all of this.  Hugs.




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Ambien is fairly short acting and should be gone from most people by the next morning. However, it can have prolonged effects if some one has liver or kidney impairmentwhich extends the time it remains in the body. However, this is going on too long and the dose was so low I would be sceptical that it is down to the ambien.

He sounds like he needs to be seen for some bloods and fluid at the least. It is always a hard call as a career as you know it may not be what he wants but it sounds like what he needs.

Let us know any outcome,


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Came home for a few hours to sleep. Hubby is in ICU. Part of diagnosis is dehydration, some ascites, possible infection. They've done labs, lumbar puncture, & CT's. He's getting antibiotics, fluids, platelets, Neupogena, and plasma. His platelets have dropped from 125 to 60 and WBC from 1.1 to .4 in two days, I suspect from chemo.

Thanks for your advice and concern. Will update when I know more.



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Nana b
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Thinking about you. Hang in there. 



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with what Nana said:)

It's heartbreaking with all that you are both enduring...

Hoping for calmer waters...and am glad you got him to the hospital.  Will be anxious to hear any more news.

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Sorry Wolfen...hoping and praying things improve for you guys. 

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I hope that all is going well this morning.  

As for you, I would sleep when he sleeps, even if your head is on the hospital bed. You need the strenght to take care of him.

You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you for taking the time during this stressful situation to update us. 

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So sorry to hear about your hubbies condition, dehydration is so very horrible and seems to effect everything.  Sending prayers your way <3.  kim

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Thanks for the update. I'm glad that he went to the ER to get things checked out. I was thinking about you folks yesterday after I read your post. I figured you were on your way to the ER...

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So very sorry to hear that dear hubby is having more difficulties, but you did the right thing getting him to ER.

Prayers for him and yourself coming your way.

Marie who loves kitties

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We are keeping the prayers up for you and your husband.


Get rest and keep the faith.


Best Always,  mike

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I'm so sorry!  Keep us posted if you can.  We'll all be thinking of you and DH.  You made the right call about going to the hospital, and hopefully they will get him sorted out soon and feeling much better.  Many hugs~AA

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Warm thoughts and gentle hugs to you and hubby.    Be sure to take care of yourself with all this stress going on.    

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I missed your first post (been busy with my beau in hospital with ascites).  You did well, my dear!  


Sending strong, healing hugs for you both...


Hugs, Kathi

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