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Hi all

I went to the doctors yesterday, my blood work was normal and all my urine test came back normal except that I have 50 occult blood in my Urine. The doctor says that he isn't to concerned. I am still worried!!!! I am suppose to go see a urologist but that appointment is probably gonna be a ways down the road.. The doctor said that there is a very slim possibility that this is cancer but, I am not totally convinced.. I keep trying to tell myself that if he thought that this was cancer I would be into the specialist tomorrow!! I did a stupid google search that is what had implanted this into my head in the first place. I am so glad that I have all of I to encourage me during this very scary time for me!! I have a bit of a phobia of doctors and the unknown As u probably have already come to find out. Thank you all so much For listening to me!!

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You should make that appointment sooner than later.  As you may know from your Google search, blood in the urine is one of the very few symptoms that may present itself to those who have renal cancer.  However, that does NOT mean that you have it.  The best way to get piece of mind is to do a CT scan and find out for sure.

Kidney cancer is often referred to as the "stealth cancer".  It rarely presents any symptoms at all and, as such, may be found "accidentally" due to some other malady being investigated.

By the time I had any symptoms (blood in my urine - which I almost ignored) - the size of my tumor was 11cm.  It likely had been growing in me for at least 7-10 years with no indication at all during that entire period.

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Mandy, I'd get an appointment sooner also. Mostly for peace of mind. And you need it. On the other hand, this cancer can progress very slow initially as Neil points out he probably had his 7-10 years before problems. That was the same with me.

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