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Last Chemo treatment for a while!

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Woo Hooo I had my last infussion yesterday.  I have the pump untill tomorrow, then no more Chemo for a few months.  Yeah!    I have a PET for the 20th and results the 23rd.   Then I will find out how the chemo has done and be ready for a surgery.


On a side note.   My neighbors are 82 and 79.  They needed a ride to Phoenix, about 90 miles each way. They watch our dogs when we are gone for the day or weekend, and the dogs are just crazy for my neighbors. I just put a gate in between our yards for easier access for the neighbors. (They have the key to the house, but they do not like coming in when we are in and out all day.  We don't care, but they told us they don't want to bother us.)  Back to the story,   Our beagle just started sniffing and licking our neighbor  a lot.  He started laughing and said what's up with your dog.   I told him don't worry you are getting a fee PET Scan.


When we were in Phoenix, they asked me if I would go in to the Doc's office with them.  They said they do not always understand what he is telling them and not sure which questions to ask.  The doc wanted to give him a shot of Epo and next week an IV of an Iron solution to help build the red blood cells back up.  So, they asked what is the worry of taking Epo.  I blurted out, You will have to give up your professional cycling career.  The Doc was in tears laughing.  


Best Always,  mike

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This must be a very exciting and hopeful time for you and your wife. A bit nerve-wracking too, I'm sure! Please keep us posted. Congratulations on being off the chemo.

Take care

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love the pet scan story. i am so happy that tomorrow you will be done with chemo for awhile so enjoy the good days!  i really like your upbeat attitude!



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Always great to be off chemo!

Your stories are funny! Isn't it great to have a close neighbor.
I recently helped my neighbor with her son 's dogs. She is great support.
My son and I miss our dog and enjoyed helping her watch these two.
They were left abandoned at a forest preserve.
We have a cat now that my daughter brought home.

Wishing you the best with upcoming scan.

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Best to you -- Cynthia Laughing

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That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the break.

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Great news...enjoy your chemo break.


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We got an appointmet with UCSD onthe 30th of April.  Woo Hooo   They told us they could bump us up on the surgery schedule if needed. Another Woo Hooo.   We will go to Socal the last weekend of April.  Laurie's mom will be in town s she will get to spend a day with her mother. I will get to spend some time with my friends.   Then we will head to San Diego to see Dr. Lowey. 


We have a friend whom is going to stay at our house and watch the dogs.   Now it is a matter of getting all of the errands done, and relax before we leave.  


Thanks all for your prayers and support!

Best Always,  mike

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Your posts are always so uplifting.  I really apppreciate that. I also went to your profile, and I'm more than impressed. 

Safe journeys ane happy days are wished for you. 

Good luck with the surgery. With your healthy lifestyle (as far as diet) you will do really well I think. 

Your an inspiration. Thank you!


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I agree you are very inspiring...and I enjoy your recipes! A chemo break will be wonderful and always well deserved. Sending positive thoughts for the best results....~ Ann

Cathleen Mary
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A chemo break is a beautiful thing!  Enjoy! Prayers and best wishes as you plan for the future.

Thank you for your postings...you have helped and uplifted me a lot.

Cathleen Mary

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Mike, have you thought about extra adjunct additions post chemo, pre surgery like LEF recommends?


As for the neighbors, I suspect a little/lot of liver would help the anemia etc with less wallet and bone pain if you can find a more naturally oriented dr.   

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Enjoy your break! Smile


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We eat the Med Diet to the most part.  We add juicing to the mix. (Carrot, Green juices, and Apple Yoghurt to name a few.)  I take D, B12, Milk Thistle, Mistle Toe, Fish Oil, and Probiotics.    We walk two miles plus every evening. I walk another 2-10 miles in the morning depending on my health.  (Recently, closer to two then 10.)    We drink a lot of green tea, and mint teas from our garden. Eat mostly organic produce, and red meat maybe once every two months. We also added King Mushrooms to every other meal for the posible cancer benefits.  I have hedged my bet that others may have goood information on cancer treatments also.

I have my blood tested every two weeks to tell me if my nutrition is missing a vital nutrient.  Then per Gerson, I can add food/juicing to provide the missing nutrients.  I watch my weight to keep hydrated and balanced.  I take my cancer treatment seriously.  I am also constantly reading for additional information.   I live in Small town USA and have no true accupuncture or TCM near me or I woulld be seeking their advice.  (I used accupunture and Massuse regularly when we lived in SoCal and could find asian Doctors.)


Best Always,  mike

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And the best of luck with your surgery and recovery......

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Mike sounds like everything is falling into place for you nicely ..... enjoy the break,  and  best wishes for your upcoming surgery.  

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Wish you all the best on your coming break of chemo and wish you a successful surgery and recovery and results


It is about time that one gets such good news


Enjoy your time



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